October 2020 update

October 3, 2020

Updates from our beta tester feedback, our next batch of units, and important details about shipping!

Jacob Flood, October 3 2020

Hey Backers,

We have been very busy in the last couple of weeks running beta test and preparing for the next shipping batch. Our beta testing with backers has been fruitful, and we have been able to improve the reliability of the product along all fronts. We’re excited to be shipping our next batch of 500 units very shortly, and can’t wait to get your reactions! 

No video this time, since we have lots of important details to share about updating your addresses. We also have lots of great images of the next batch – enjoy!


We have released a new backerkit survey, in order to confirm everyone’s final shipping addresses. Please follow the link in your emails to confirm your addresses, as well as any additional orders and credit card information if necessary. To be clear: we will not send your device until you review and confirm your address through backerkit.

The next batch of 500 units is well underway, and will be shipping in roughly 10 additional days once the Mid-Autumn Festival ends in China. We can’t wait to get you your units! Check out the full post to see some amazing pictures of the assembly underway.

We got some great feedback from our beta testers, and have incorporated the comments into improvements on both the hardware and software. Thank you to all our beta testers – your help has been invaluable!


Thanks for being patient for this update – we wanted to wait until we had finished a backerkit change related to updating your addresses before sharing, and it took a little longer for them to resolve than expected. 

First things first: you will all be receiving a new backerkit survey by email very shortly. This is because for some of you it’s been a while since you updated your shipping address information – as a result, there is a high risk that the current information isn’t up to date. As a result, we decided to re-open the backerkit survey, and require everyone to review their information. This way we will avoid sending units to the wrong place.  

To be clear: we will not send your device until you review and confirm your address through backerkit. 

At the same time, please review any additional orders, shipping fees, and credit card information. Many of you ordered additional units, or need to pay shipping fees prior to our sending the devices. We will be charging these orders to the credit cards on file in 2 weeks, so please ensure that the information is accurate and up to date prior. 

If you misplace or do not receive the email, you can use the survey recovery page for Kickstarter and Indiegogo to retrieve your link.  

To those who ordered the product through thinkmindset.com or enophone.com, the e-commerce platforms we used unfortunately do not offer a simple way you to update your shipping information on your own. Instead, we will be sending each of you an email prior to shipping to confirm the address. If you have any questions or concerns, please email address@enophone.com and we’ll work on clarifying things.  

Comment below if you have any issues with the survey or email address@enophone.com, and we will be happy to help. Thanks for understanding – look forward to shipping your units! 

Next batch

Using the feedback from our beta testers, we’ve made the necessary hardware and software updates to the design, and are in the process of preparing the next batch of 500 units. We have completed pre-assembly steps, fabric wrapping and metal part assembly. 

It is currently the Mid-Autumn Festival in China, during which the whole country takes a week off to recover and celebrate. As the workers come back from holiday, we will be starting the final assembly steps and quality review. There is roughly 10 additional days required to complete the full assembly and ship those units out.  

Below are a series of pictures of this latest batch being assembled. I hope you’re as excited as we are! 

Manufactured clips & disks, pre-treatment
Clips post-treatment and painting
Manufactured sliders pre-treatment
Manufactured sliders post-treatment
So many sliders! 
Laser-printing the certification marks
Finished sliders, packaged for assembly
Pre-assembled ear cups and electrodes
Finished ear cups, ready for assembly
Pre-assembly structural metal band
Partially assembled upper band
The multiple steps in the fabric-wrapping process

In parallel, an additional 2600 units are being prepared for the subsequent batch. The materials were ordered many weeks ago, and we’re ready to assemble them. Once the 500-unit batch is completed and reviewed, we will give the go ahead to start assembling those units as well. 

We’ve been getting great feedback from our first beta testers, and can’t wait to share Enophone with more of you. So please make sure to update your address, and we’ll get your device to you as quickly as possible! 

Beta testing

Our beta testers have been hard at work giving feedback on their units. We want to thank all the backers that have actively participated and given their time to provide feedback and help us improve the product. 

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback, and wanted to share some of the recent improvements we’ve made since this latest batch. 


On the whole, the feedback we’ve received about the headphones has been overwhelmingly positive. The consensus was that the headphones sound amazing and are very comfortable – “they live up to their expectations in terms of sound and build quality.” After so many months of work, we were so incredibly happy to hear this positive feedback! 

During the tests, the beta testers also found some hardware and firmware issues that we’ve worked to fix: 

On some units, there was a faint background noise in the speaker. After investigation, we found that one particular cable in the headphone was causing interference during certain parts of the bluetooth communication. We re-routed the cable, and resolved the issue during our subsequent pilot run. 

On a few units, we found that the sliding arm adjustment had more friction than was defined in our specifications. We adjusted our molds to improve the fit, and changed the supplier we work with for this particular part in order to improve our quality control. 

On a handful of units, we found that there was a “squeeking” or “cracking” noise when opening or twisting the headband. After disassembly of the defective units, we found the cause of the problem – a small alignment issue – and resolved it for the pilot run. 

In the firmware that came with the units, we found several combinations of conditions during which the units would crash. We have resolved these scenarios in the latest firmware release. 

Finally, we resolved a handful of issues that were causing audio problems in cases where too many devices were trying to stream audio at the same time. 

Thank you again to all of our beta testers for your support. As of today, the next batch of units feels incredibly robust – we’re confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you unbox yours. We can’t wait to hear about your reactions! 


On the software side, this was our first opportunity to test the app out in the wild, connected to the hardware. As you can imagine, this has been quite the adventure! 

We released to the testers a limited version of the Enowork app, in order to focus our efforts and speed up the bug finding process. The app we provided the beta testers focused on the following features:

  • Live graphing of brain activity 

  • Focus tracking during sessions

  • Enosound neuro-adaptive music 

Our goal is to ensure we have enough time to resolve all the issues on the core functionality before releasing the full app. 

And as expected: we found lots of issues! The beta testers have done an amazing job at finding and reporting all of the issues, and helping us debug them over the last weeks. From the registration process, to the hardware connectivity, to the focus metrics – our dev team has managed to patch dozens of bugs big and small over the last weeks. We expect the next release to include even more functionality, as we scale up to the full Enowork app that we envision. 

In parallel, we’ve started to gather an incredible quantity of EEG data already, with which we have already started improving our algorithms. Our most active users have been using the headphones and tracking their focus for 4+ hours every day, which has contributed hundreds of hours of EEG data to our algorithm’s training pool. One of our neuroscience advisors, and man with 20+ years working with these tools, said it best: this is the first time he’s been able to develop algorithms on datasets this large in his life. 

We are really pleased with the development progress we’ve made and can’t wait to enroll more backers as we ship the next batch of devices. We will soon be releasing a new revision of the app that fixes all the core issues we found in this round of tests, and improves functionality across the board. 

Our goal is to continue adding more functions, and improving the experience for years to come – we can’t wait to get your feedback, and incorporate it into creating an incredible experience that we all use every day! 

Thank you again for your support. Wishing everyone good health in these difficult times. Stay safe!

Lots of love,

– The Eno Team


  • Michael Carr

    These pictures are fricken awesome. It’s really cool to be able to see how the product is made – makes me want it even more!

    Thanks for the update Jacob!

    • Jacob (eno)

      Thanks for the support Michael, can’t wait to ship your unit! 😀

  • Anthony V.

    So cool! Can we get some pictures of the app in the next update? I’m so excited to see what kind of data I’ll get to see with it. If you can share experiments or graphs, that’d be even better. Thanks!

    • Jacob (eno)

      Absolutely, we’re on it!

  • Jess

    When can we expect to get the backerkit email? Which email address will it be sent to?

    • Jacob (eno)

      It’s been sent! If you have an issue, send an email to hello@enophone.com and I’ll help you debug.

  • Pedro

    Very exciting. It’s been a while, but the progress looks like it was worth the effort. You and the Eno team should be very proud of how far you’ve come.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Thanks Pedro, we appreciate the support and the kind words! 🙂

  • :D

    The text/images is actually a nice change from the videos. It gives more details about the tiny changes, which I find pretty fun. Great update guys, can’t wait to get my headphones!

    • Jacob (eno)

      Happy you enjoy the details – lots more of that to come!

  • Kevin

    Thank for your the level of communication. I think this project has been doing a great job of keeping us updated. While I would have preferred to receive it sooner, I’m still happy to be a backer and to have made this project possible. Getting an insider view into the process has really exposed the sheer complexity if the project and the time and dedication required to complete it.

    Keep it up, you are getting closer to the finish line!

    • Jacob (eno)

      Thanks Kevin, we appreciate the support and kind words!

  • Sean OS

    Hey, I can’t wait, either!

    When is the backerkit survey going out? This e-mail update made me think I’d missed it?

    • Jacob (eno)

      I just checked, and looks like all’s good on your end. Can’t wait to ship you yours!

  • Eduardo

    How many units have been shipped so far? I want to see if one of these 500 will be my turn.

    • Jacob (eno)

      We shipped 100 so far, but the beta tester units weren’t exactly in order. Best way to get yours fast is to fill out the backerkit survey we sent!

  • julien

    Hi team,

    I didnt receive the email to confirm my address, is that normal?


    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Julien – I just checked and looks like your survey is completed. I resent it anyways just incase!

  • Slawek

    Pictures looks great, but I also did not get the confirmation email.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Slawek – looks like we have a different email address for you on file. Try checking your older addresses, or send me an email at hello@enophone.com and I’ll help you change it.

  • markus

    Updated my adress. Baker385. Hope you read this and i can get my headset. 🙂

    • Jacob (eno)

      Can’t wait to send it! 😀

  • Mark Jessan Hutchison-Quillian

    Hi there, I didn’t receive my backerkit email survey.

    Thank you!

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Mark – looks like it was sent on our end, so maybe check your junk mail.

      If you can’t find it, send an email to hello@enophone.com and I’ll help you debug.

  • Johannah Winn Ryman


    I have not received my backerkit email survey as well.

    Thanks for the update!

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Johannah – I just checked, and looks like your survey is complete. I resent it just incase!

      If there’s an issue, email me at hello@enophone.com and I’ll help debug.

  • Sarah H

    I am so excited for these! My job is adding many layers of complexity and I’m looking forward to improving my ability to focus on these new challenges. I would be happy to test the next round; I work in engineering for medical devices so I think I can add a lot of value to your beta.

    • Jacob (eno)

      We’re glad we’ll be able to help, and can’t wait to get your feedback on them! 😀

  • Tony Wright

    So for someone who quite frankly forgot about this product, how would they know they would have to reconfirm their shipping address from a product they bought like backed like 3 years ago? When will these confirmation emails be sent? Is there a link you can share as to not have to wait for an email?

    My sister bought this product for me as a gift and I feel bad asking her to keep doing work to get the product she backed.

  • John

    No I don’t believe so. I didn’t think it was legit so I reached out to others on here. Someone on the last blog update confirmed that he/she was reached out too as well by the law firm seeking to file. That person’s comment was also erased before I could get the person’s contact information. I think Enophone is deleting comments so I now started taking screenshots to give to the law firm. I think its legit and I am meeting with the firm later this week. I wasn’t going to bother, but the whole erase comments bit pushed me over the edge honestly (and unfortunately).

    • Jacob (eno)

      @George I replied to your comment about this on kickstarter. Copied my reply (with edits for clarity) here:

      Regarding your blog post comment, I did removed that myself. I sent an email to you about it, but it seems you used a fake persona. I did so because I’ve followed up with the lawyers in question, and have confirmed this is not a true class action: it’s a scam. I feel responsible to ensure that none of our backers get scammed because of this fake firm. For your own sake: if there is ever an actual class action, Canada uses an opt-out system, so you’ll be included by default – no need to worry about making sure you’re included. As a result, I feel no need to allow the scam to be shared, and will continue removing comments about it.

  • Simon B

    Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to check as I was backer number 1337, would you have an ETD on when the headphones might be expected?

    I understand there are lots of folk ahead of me but I have updated the address numerous times and I live in Australia and curious to know if my location will impact when the headphones are shipped.


    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Simon! We don’t have a specific date to offer, since it still depends on too many variables. But my cofounder is working on the list for the next batch of 500 as we speak, so you should hear from him soon if you’ll be receiving one of these units.

  • Grzegorz Adaśko

    I didnt receive backerkit survey too

  • Patata

    Hey Guys,

    Sorry if this explained above, but there is one thing that I have not understood well. The beta-testers are testing the headphones and finding hardware issues that you are solving them (the software problems don’t concern me, I understand it can be updated), but while you are preparing a batch with 500 headphones for the backers … If the beta-testers continue to finding issues, the headphones definitely sent to the backers … they are going to go with those issues?

  • Aya

    I backed you about two years ago and received blog emails until August. Glad I checked up to found out your hard work came to fruition. Just to confirm something was sent out to confirm my address. By the looks of it, I may not the be the only one who may have had their email redirected or lost during your brand transition. Happy to hear great news from you?

  • Aaron Hines

    So I pre ordered right after the kickstarter campaign had ended, it must have been through the think mindset page. If I’m reading this right it might be awhile before you send my confirmation email then right?

  • John

    @Jacob thanks for following-up! CLG.org looked legit too. Thanks again

  • Andrew Neil Garland

    I sent an email to hello@enophone.com on 12th October to check everything is OK with my address and not heard anything back from anyone.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Andrew – we’re doing our best to reply to all of our customer service emails, and will get to yours as soon as possible!

  • Marc D.

    I reviewed and submitted the backerkit survey, however, I have not received any notification since.
    Can you confirm receipt and ideally shipping estimate? I’m backer #1144

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Marc – for the backers in the next batch, they’ll be receiving emails with shipping info when the units go out. I checked your backerkit account, and all is well on your end.

      I can’t give you a precise date, but we’re posting an update today with more details!

  • Clay

    I was just going to purchase, but saw these comments. Has the product been shipped or is ordering through the site a different product? At check out, nothing was mentioned about pre-order or wait list.

    I guess I dodged a bullet by not ordering (assuming whats available through the site is the same product you all are waiting for)? If thats the case, then why don’t they say??? Seems super shady if thats the case UNLESS they ran out of money and this is all now a pyramid scheme. New customers are paying for delivery of OG backers? Why else would you not put pre-order at check-out???????? This has to be illegal in Canada no??

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Clay – the product is still in pre-order, and we notify all new orders after they commit to the purchase (and allow refunds up to 30 days if they don’t want to wait). This is a common pre-order setup, that allows us to experiment with our messaging while remaining in pre-orders.

      Nothing shady here – we’re doing our best to deliver our units as fast as possible, so we can start accepting new orders in real time! 🙂

  • Victor

    Hello good day.
    I am very upset about the delay in shipping. Every month I send an email seeking to know about the product I bought since April 2020. I read on the blog that you sent a survey to confirm the address but I didn’t receive anything. In fact, I do not receive any information about my product. When will you seek to understand what is happening with my order and my registration? There’s something wrong with that. I do not receive any update emails. Once again am I forgotten? If you have no responsibility to send me an assertive answer or if you are not going to send me my request then return my money. This is a lot of disrespect because every month I request information and you “forget” to send the survey to confirm my address?
    Why don’t you give me the status of my order? This lack of respect is unbelievable !!!

  • Mark Tomshack

    I absolutely love your site.. Pleasant colors & theme. Did you create this web site yourself? Please reply back as I’m attempting to create my very own blog and would like to learn where you got this from or what the theme is called. Thank you!

    • Jacob Flood

      Thanks Mark – it was designed by our incredible design team 🙂

  • Simone Shreeves

    Hello! Quick question that’s completely off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My website looks weird when browsing from my iphone 4. I’m trying to find a theme or plugin that might be able to correct this problem. If you have any suggestions, please share. Thanks!

    • Jacob Flood

      Can’t offer much help there, sorry Simone!

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