October 2021 update

September 30, 2021

Enophone batch 5, Enowork v0.4.4, and next steps for the product!

Jacob Flood 


Hey Backers!

Hey backers!

The units from Batch 4 are long-since out the door, and most have received them. With that, we’re onto the next step: working on Batch 5, and making sure the Enowork software delivers on the product vision.

Plenty in store this update – enjoy!



Enophone batch 4 has shipped to every kickstarter backer with order number below 3600. Keep an eye out for emails from the shipping company about customs requirements! 

Batch 5 is still set to deliver in December. Please ensure you update your shipping address to ensure the product is delivered to the right place! 

Enowork v0.4.4 released this month – you can download it at Enophone.com/getstarted. If you’re having any issues with the app – especially with the red status indicator – please email our technical team at support@enophone.com. 

Finally, we’re beginning to run experiments to help design new features for the product. If you’re interested in participating in this, please email support@enophone.com with subject line “experiments” to get added to the community! 


Enophone Batch 4

Since last update we’ve shipped all of Enophone batch 4 to all Kickstarter backers with order number below 3600. We’re glad to hear that many of you have received your Enophones!

If you belong to this group, please keep an eye out for any email from Floship, FedEX, DHL, or another shipping company, as they may require you to respond to a customs notice before delivering the product.

If you’ve received your Enophone, make sure to head to Enophone.com/getstarted to download our MacOS and Windows apps, to get started tracking your focus!

A quick note for clarity: if your Kickstarter order number is above 3600, or you ordered through Indiegogo, thinkmindset.com, or enophone.com, your Enophone will be shipping in our next shipment, Batch 5.

A huge thank you again to everyone who preordered the product, and rode through this journey with us – we can’t wait to get Enophones into your hands!


Enophone Batch 5

We mentioned in our previous update that we’re expecting to finish manufacturing batch 5 in December 2021. In our latest conversations with our factory, this remains the current expectation.

In the interest of transparency however, we want to disclose that we learned this week of an increasing trend in China of power consumption limitations imposed on manufacturers. This Bloomberg article presents the topic clearly – the short is that China is imposing restriction on power consumption, which is resulting in factories reducing volumes and slowing their output. We do not yet know what impact this will have on our production of Batch 5, if any, but feel it best to share in advance in case this situation does not ameliorate. For now, as best we know, we are continuing to work towards manufacturing batch 5 in December – we will keep you posted as production continues if there are any changes to this schedule.

We anticipate shipping Enophones from batch 5 to all remaining backers, across all our sales platforms. As such, it’s crucial that everyone verify that their shipping addresses are up to date, to avoid any issues with the delivery. Please use the following guide to update your shipping address based on where you ordered the product:

  • Kickstarter – visit your backerkit account, and ensure the information listed is correct. If you need to change your address, please email hello@enophone.com and we will unlock your account.
  • Indiegogo – visit your backerkit account, and ensure the information listed is correct. If you need to change your address, please email hello@enophone.com and we will unlock your account.
  • ThinkMindset.com – Please email hello@enophone.com with your old address (as a security check) and your new address, and we will update the shipping on our end.
  • Enophone.com – Please email hello@enophone.com with your old address (as a security check) and your new address, and we will update the shipping on our end.

We will keep you posted on our progress over the coming weeks. We can’t wait to ship your Enophones!


Enowork v0.4.4

We recently released v0.4.4 of our Enowork app, providing reliability fixes based on feedback from our new inflow of users from batch 4. You can download the new version at enophone.com/getstarted, or by clicking the update banner inside the app.

Thank you to everyone who’s provided feedback on the app to our technical team – the more details you share, the better we can continue improving the experience! If you have any feedback about your app experience, suggestions for new features, or encounter any issues during your use of the product, please email support@enophone.com!

With the recent influx of new users, we have encountered a few outages to our cloud server. We have patched the majority of issues, and will keep improving the infrastructure on our end. In the meantime, if you encounter any issues that damage your experience, we suggest the following to temporarily restore service:

  • Log out of your account within the Enowork app
  • Fully quit the Enowork app
  • Restart your computer, to remove any “enowork” or “enoclient” background processes that may have stalled
  • Reopen the Enowork app, log back in, and the experience should work
  • Please email support@enophone.com with any information you can provide about the issue!

We’re working hard on some new features to include in the v0.5.0 update coming soon. Keep an eye out for this in the coming weeks!


Status indicator stuck Red

In our v0.4.0 update, we released a new status indicator, which allows users to ensure that the Enophone’s EEG sensors are well-connected, and that the signal quality is high enough to interpret a focus level. Green means that your focus level is being tracked – Red means you need to readjust the Enophone’s sensors to improve the signal quality.

Following this update, a few backers reached out to share that the status indicator was stuck on red, and would not turn to green. After investigating, we’ve found that often the issue is that the earcup sensors are resting on the user’s hair, rather than directly on the skin, which is blocking the sensor’s ability to measure brain activity.

If you are struggling to consistently maintain a green status indicator, we recommend the following:

  1. Remove Enophone, and ensure that the orientation is correct (look for the L and R in each earcup).
  2. Place the ear cups over your ears. Use your fingers to ensure the ear cup sensors are touching directly on skin, moving aside any hair if necessary. If the ear cup sensors do not maintain direct skin contact, the status indicator will remain red.
  3. Once the ear cup sensors are set, adjust the top sensors so they make contact. Wiggle the upper band if necessary to move any hair. If you feel any discomfort, raise the band slightly and lower it back to realign the electrodes.

If you continue to have issues with the status indicator, we want to hear from you. Please email support@enophone.com with subject line “status indicator”, and we’ll reach out to get it working!


Help with new feature experiments

We are beginning to run experiments internally to design new metrics for quantifying focus levels. These experiments will allow us to add more depth and insight to the stats pages in the app, to help you better understand how your productivity and make the most of your Enophone.

We are looking for help from backers interested in contributing to these experiments. Each experiment can be completed using your current Enophone and Enowork app, and will serve to help better calibrate our algorithms to you.

If you’re interested in being part of this development, please email us at support@enophone.com with subject line “experiments” so we can add you to the experiments community!


That’s all for now!

Please leave your feedback, comments, feature suggestions, and anything else in the comments, and we’ll be sure to reply. If you need help with your order, please reach out to our support team at hello@enophone.com or our technical team support@enophone.com.

Lots of love,

– The Eno Team


  • James

    Really happy with my Enophones so far. Great audio, and surprisingly comfortable. The app still needs more features to really be game-changing, but the tracking is pretty cool, in particular with the automatically begin session feature in the settings page turned on. Well done at long last crew!

    • Jacob (eno)

      Thanks James, really glad you’re enjoying your Enophones 🙂
      Please don’t hesitate to share any feature suggestions with the team so we can keep improving the experience!

  • Renée

    I can’t wait for December! Seeing everyone received theirs has made me really jealous. Question for the Eno team: when do you think the mobile apps will be available?

    • Jacob (eno)

      We can’t wait to ship your Enophone either! 😀
      We are fully intending mobile apps, but aren’t comfortable sharing a timeline yet. We’ll share more details in an upcoming update once we have a better sense of the schedule.

  • Rachelle R.

    When is the next app update coming? I really want to see the new features. I’m using my Enophones every day, hoping the data I collect helps me learn about myself. Are you going to be adding more details to the stats pages so I can see trends in my over time?

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hi Rachelle – we’re currently prioritizing releasing v0.5, and expect it to go out this month. You can read more about the new features in our August update.
      We’re absolutely going to be adding a new stats page with trend analysis in a future update, since this is one of our favourite features!

  • Daniel Fong

    Can you share any info about what kinds of experiments you’re planning? You say they’re going to help calibrate the algorithms to me – does that mean the data will be more accurate based on my specific brainwaves? I’m down for that

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Daniel – we’re looking to gather data that helps us understand how neural activity responds to different environments, so we can better tune our algorithms to these signals. This will often involve performing a specific task, so we can monitor how your signal changes during this.
      While calibrating to individuals isn’t the current goal, training the algorithms on your brain will undoubtedly help make it more accurate for you!

  • Bruno

    Im baker 3438 and on the status of my order (Address ), only mentions the confirmation of order locked, its not confirming my order was shipped?!

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hi Bruno – we’re haven’t yet updated the statuses on backerkit to reflect the recent batch 4 shipment. I checked with our fulfilment team, and they confirmed that your Enophone indeed has shipped 🙂 I’ll send a copy of your tracking number to you by email.
      If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team at hello@enophone.com and we’ll help get you sorted out!

  • Puvin

    I’m back 3672… if I remembered correctly… Man, what a difference it could make if I only ordered like a day before the deadline… I could have saved 3 months of waiting XD. Anyways, congratulations to how far you’ve come Mindset/Eno Team

  • Sophia

    How can I connect and use Enowork and Enosound?

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hi Sophie – you can download the Enowork app at Enophone.com/getstarted. The Enosound music engine is built into the app – you can control it every time you start a session! 🙂

      Feel free to reach out to our team at support@enophone.com if you have any questions about the app!

  • Patata

    By chance I use android and linux, so the headphones are only good for me to listen to music or movies, but without any special features. Do you have an approximate date of when you are going to have the app in linux and android?

  • Vince L

    So excited to get my pair by end of December!

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