Eno app v0.5

November 19, 2021 | Jacob (eno)

Hey Backers!

Lots of news to report this week about the next Enophone shipments, Enowork app updates, and our growing team at Eno.



A bug in MacOS Monterey is inhibiting the Enophones, so please don’t update yet!

We’re shipping our next wave of Enophones this week, with more coming on a rolling basis. Keep an eye on your emails for your tracking numbers!

Before we ship your Enophone, we need you to update/verify your shipping address. Please read the full update below for more details about how to do so.

We’re going live with Enowork v0.5 this week! The updated version has tons of great features that brings Enophone closer to our vision of a Fitbit for your brain. Download it at, and read the full update for full details.

Last but not least, we’ve brought on a new community manager to help you get the best experience out of your Enophones. Don’t hesitate to reach out at to share your feedback, ask any questions, or just say hello! 

MacOS Monterey

So, before diving into the main update, we need to share a quick PSA: a bug in MacOS Monterey is currently interfering with Enophone’s Bluetooth stream, which prevents streaming the sensor data to the app. In order to continue using the Enowork app, we suggest that you avoid updating to Monterey for the time being.

Enowork uses a native MacOS CoreBluetooth API to establish a socket connection with the Enophones. Unfortunately, in the latest build of Monterey, this API call is not properly establishing the socket connection. Several other hardware companies have reported this issue on Apple’s forums, but as of today Apple has not released a patch for the issue.

We are currently in touch with Apple, who are working on the issue, and we expect that they will patch this bug very soon. We will keep you posted here as we hear more.

Enophone Batch 5

We’ve been making good progress towards manufacturing Batch 5. In fact: we just received a few Enophones early, which we’ll be shipping out this week!

As we receive more and more Enophones, we’ll be shipping them on a rolling basis moving forward. The first shipment will go out this week to all Kickstarter backers with order number below 3750, and beyond after that. Indiegogo,, and orders will be following soon after.

An important note: keep an eye on your emails, for your tracking numbers, in addition to any messages from the shipping companies or your local customs. Many international orders will need to pay import duties before receiving the units, and will notify you directly by email. Make sure to check your spam folder so you don’t miss anything!

We’re very excited to be shipping your Enophones, and can’t wait to get your feedback!

Shipping Address

Building on the shipping excitement, another PSA: it’s very important that you update your shipping address so your Enophone goes to the right place!

Please follow these instructions, based on where you ordered your Enophones:

  • Kickstarter – you can verify your address through backerkit. Please email if you need to unlock the survey to update your address.
  • Indiegogo – you can verify your address through backerkit. Please email if you need to unlock the survey to update your address.
  • – We will be sending an email with instructions to confirm your shipping address. We will not ship your Enophone until you confirm your address.
  • – please email us directly at and with your old and new addresses, and we’ll update your file.

We won’t ship your Enophone until you confirm your shipping addresses.

Enowork v0.5

The latest update to Enowork v0.5 is ready, and will be releasing this week. You can download it via, or by clicking the update prompt in your current Enowork app.

This update ads a TON of new features that will elevate your Enophone experience:

  1. Auto tracking – whenever you wear your Enophone, they will automatically start tracking your focus without pressing the “Start session” button.
  2. Auto-start at login – Enowork will load automatically when you login to your computer. This works with auto-tracking to make it easier than ever to track your focus.
  3. New session page – we redesigned the session page to help visualize your focus, control your Enosound music, set session timers, and more.
  4. Updated status indicator – we improved the status indicator algorithm, and added a hoverstate to help guide you through adjusting your Enophones.
  5. New onboarding – we’ve added more context to the onboardng, as well as a calibration for the status indicator.
  6. Stability improvements – this release is the most robust yet, patching many of the issues you shared over the past months.

This release is a big milestone, bringing Enophone closer to our vision of the perfect work headphones. Now, like a Fitbit, simply wearing your Enophone during the day will allow you to collect a wealth of data about your brain and your work. In our next release we will be adding tools to help visualize, interpret, and act on this data!

We can’t wait to hear your feedback about the latest release – please share your experience in the comments, or at!

The new session page! 

Help with new feature experiments

Over the past few years, our #1 priority has been focused on shipping a high-quality product as fast as we could. A side-effect of this prioritization is that, unfortunately, our customer service response time has often been quite slow.

With Enophones now shipping, and the Enowork app improving with every release, we are now shifting our priority to delivering the best possible experience to you, our backers. As a result, we are happy to announce that Oliver is now joining the Eno team as our community manager!

Some of you have heard from Oliver over the last few weeks through Moving forward, Oliver will be available to answer all your questions and help ensure that you get the best experience possible from your Enophones. For the fastest response time, the best place to reach us is

Of course, I (Jacob) am still happy to hear from you if you want to connect! If you want my attention, just let us know at Or better yet, add me on Linkedin so that we can connect moving forward!

* * * * *

That’s all for now! Please take this chance to double-check your shipping address, and keep an eye on your emails for a tracking number.

As always, please share your feedback in the comments, or at!

Lots of love,

– The Eno Team

Comments on Eno app v0.5
  • Chris James

    I’ve been testing out v0.5 recently, and it’s been AWESOME so far. The auto-tracking makes it soooo much easier to wear the headphones without having to mess with the app. Makes the data a lot more useful. Well done team.

  • Matthew Harper

    Amazing! Really excited to get my Enophone soon! I’m backer number 1347, any idea when I’ll be receiving it?

  • Jess

    Thanks for the update. I’ve been using my Enophones for a few weeks, and had a question. Is there any way to view trends in my data over time? Like more than one session at a time?

    Really loving it so far, thanks for keeping up the effort! Can’t wait for the new app update!

  • Tom P

    This is great news guys. I ordered my Enophone a while back now from the website…when do you think I’ll receive my email to update my shipping address?

  • Greg Evans


    I am really excited to get my headphones that I ordered via Indiegogo (#515). After your October update, I emailed hello and did not receive a response. Is there any chance that I may get my order soon?

  • Anna M.

    “We won’t ship your Enophone until you confirm your shipping addresses.” there is no button or anything to confirm, just an email to *change*. What shall we do if everything is correct as it is?

  • Patata

    Please, please, when the Android or Linux version??

  • Roland

    I already received my enophones in October and I use it daily to listen to music.
    But I rarely use any of the groundbreaking “mind” features since those heavily depend on the software and the software is… not a V1.0 release yet and has a lot of opportunity for improvement to put it the nice way.
    Without enowork the enophones are just good headphones that are slightly less comfortable to wear because of the head electrodes.

    I’m confused by how the enowork features and also the releases are presented in the Blog posts.

    So at one point it was promised with V0.4 to get automatic tracking, then it was revealed that it is only a V0.4 beta feature and only goes public with V0.5.
    * In the Blog post “Enowork V0.4” from June 2021 it says:
    “Today we released version 0.4.0 of the Enowork app. …
    This update brings several major improvements:
    Automatic tracking, so you can track your focus level without manually starting a session. …”
    * In the Blog post “August update” from August 2021 it says:
    “3. Automatic tracking
    In v0.4 we released a beta for automatic tracking, which allows Enowork to automatically track
    your focus level during the day without having to start and stop your sessions. After several iterations, we
    are ready to fully integrate this feature into the app. Now, every time you wear Enophone, you can be
    confident that your focus level will be saved and available to view later!”

    Same with the releases / timeline of releases of enowork.
    * In the Blog post “August update” from August 2021 it says:
    “Enowork v0.5 ….
    This update will release alongside Batch 4, …”
    * In the Blog post “October update” from September 2021 it says:
    “Enophone Batch 4
    Since last update we’ve shipped all of Enophone batch 4 …”
    – as well as:
    “We recently released v0.4.4 of our Enowork app”
    * In the Blog post “November update” from November 2021 it says:
    “We’re going live with Enowork v0.5 this week!”
    So now here we are in the NEXT week (~1 week after the last Blog post) and there is still no update for Enowork v0.5 available (I checked daily).

    I do understand that the software development is quite a task, and I don’t mind waiting.
    But what I don’t understand and what is upsetting me is the way how you communicate the features and releases.
    Don’t promise me things / hype me up and then leave me hanging :´(

    I get that it’s not the main task of a CEO to do public relations and community outreach, and therefore I welcome your decision to have a dedicated community manager, and I’m looking forward to an improved community outreach.
    All the best for your new position, and a warm welcome from me as a part of the eno community to you Oliver =)

    I don’t want to be all rant and no feedback. I’m already partaking in the Enowork experiments program and I would be happy to help as beta tester to provide further feedback.
    Let me know if I can help you!

    Have a lovely week

  • Pat B

    Did those shipments get delayed? Backer 3601 (missed the last batch by 1…) and nothing on the shipping front yet. Backerkit looks good though.

  • Roland

    Hello Chris,

    how did you get the V0.5? Are you Beta-tester?
    It is still not available on and also not from the updater in Enowork.

    Best Regards,

  • Roland

    Hello all,

    just wanted to let you know that enowork V0.5 is now available from

    Have a lovely and productive week

  • Dave

    Thanks for the update. I just hope you keep your promise on what this product should actually do. Hardware is fine the way it is, but the software is currently just not meeting expectations. Often it just starts recording a session without me even wearing the Headphones. Othertimes the sensors don’t want to pickup a signal from my head. The results, including the Data Visualization just seem like random values. And even worse is, that you get no long-time benefits of using the app. There is no statistics showing how focus has improved over time.
    I understand you’re still in development and have a lot to do with deliveries at this point. I just hope that the App will be drastically changed in the future, as in it’s current state it doesn’t really serve much purpose

  • Roy Horan

    I am #3979 on Kickstarter although it is interesting that when I checked for my backer number it shows there are only a total of 3829 total backers….what’s up with that? So I am wondering when I will be getting the product. I was an original backer and have been waiting since 2017.

  • Indiegogo Backer

    Indeed, please, *do* provide us with Linux and Android apps! Looking forward to testing it.

  • Puvin S.

    I just received my headphone a while back. Thank you for this. A quick question, when will the enophone make ‘beep’ sound when you get distracted. I remember it was advertised back in 2017 that it will remind us to get back to focus once the enophone identifies that we are distracted. I mean, that was the only reason why I got this headphone to begin with, to improve my concentration. Anyways, will this feature be added later on or it’s something I misunderstood? Thank you in advance.

  • Jacob (eno)

    Hi Puvin, the short answer is that this feature is available through our Enosound music – every time you get distracted, the music will change to reflect the mental state. The music is available through our app ( whenever you press the “start session” button.

    The version we launched with is quite subtle, as we found in user testing and our literature review that this more musical version of the feature gave a better experience. Over time, as we collect more data and improve our recognition algorithms, we intend to make the “beeps” more pronounced, as well as to launch a “training mode” where you can engage in more powerful (but more distracting) brain training games.

    Let us know what you think after you try it by emailing!

  • AntonioProrm

    Stay safe, and cheers to a healthy, productive 2022!

  • Jacob (eno)

    Same to you Antonio! 🙂