What is mental fitness?

June 17, 2022 | Jacob (eno)

At Eno, we’re building the most advanced mental fitness tracker in the world. To do that, we’ve spent years working with experts across neuroscience, psychology, and product design, to deeply understand all facets of mental fitness – from mental health, to productivity, and beyond. 

We’ve spent nearly a decade working on these problems, because we fundamentally believe that mental fitness underlies everything important in life – how effective you are at work, how well you manage stress, and how much free time you have, are all impacted by your level of mental fitness. 

In this article, we’ll present how we at Eno think about mental fitness – what it is, why it matters, and what we’re doing about it. 

What is mental fitness? 

Mental fitness is the ability to use your thoughts, feelings, and actions to achieve your goals – whatever they may be. Your mental health, your productivity, your wellbeing, and your behavior are all components of mental fitness, and contribute to your ability to command your mental resources in the way you desire. 

It helps to compare mental fitness to physical fitness, which is described as the ability to use your body to achieve your goals. In the same way, your physical health, mobility, cardio, and strength are all components of physical fitness, and contribute to your ability to command your body in the way you desire. 

Mental fitness is the umbrella under which all cognitive and emotional processes take place. It isn’t just about being productive, or just about navigating emotions, or just about creating healthy habits – it’s the measure of how well you can use all of these techniques together, in order to achieve your goals each day. Mental fitness is a measure of how effectively you can control your mind. 

Why does mental fitness matter? 

When described this way, it’s clear why we care so much about mental fitness at Eno. It’s not an exaggeration to say that your level of mental fitness will impact everything meaningful in your life. Every idea you have about what you want to achieve – from the most meaningful lifelong dreams, to the simplest day-to-day tasks – will inevitably depend on your ability to think, feel, and act in a way that brings you closer to these goals. 

Maintaining and improving your mental fitness is one of the most important skills you can develop to build a happier, more fulfilling life. Just like with physical fitness, maintaining a strong mental fitness requires consistent, dedicated effort. 

Over the last decade, the availability of information and tools dedicated to improving each component of mental fitness has increased dramatically. Counseling services, meditation apps, brain training games, productivity tools, educational podcasts, and self-help books all provide incredible guidance towards improving your mental fitness. For someone looking to begin their journey towards optimizing their mental fitness, there are plenty of places to get started. 

Just like with physical fitness, however, not every strategy is made equal. The quality of mental fitness content varies wildly – some are incredibly powerful, while others offer very little benefit. More importantly, every individual is different, and therefore each of us will require a different combination of tools and techniques to reach our full potential. Your mental fitness journey is incredibly personal – more so than any other category of self-development – and what works for one someone else may not work for you. 

This makes navigating the mental fitness ecosystem very tricky. Whether you’re just starting your research, or you’re incredibly well-versed, it can be frustrating to navigate the countless articles, apps, and tools without knowing if you’re doing it right. With no way to objectively measure your mental fitness, it’s often impossible to know if anything you do is actually beneficial or not, which can stunt your motivation and progress. 

That’s where Eno comes in. 

The future of mental fitness

For decades, this same problem existed in physical fitness as well. Sophisticated technologies to measure, track, and interpret your level of physical fitness were relegated to a lab, requiring thousands of dollars of tests and teams of experts to interpret your results. 

Then, Fitbit took near-medical-grade heart rate sensors, and turned them into a watch. This device tracked your steps, calories, heart rate, and countless other physiological indicators, to give you insight into how your behavior was impacting your physical fitness. 

Soon after, companies like Oura, Whoop, Apple, Peloton, and countless others revolutionized the physical fitness industry, providing the data, insights, and guidance that you need to improve your physical fitness. Now, anyone looking to take control of their physical fitness can use these products to personalize their fitness journey based on data about their unique physiology. 

At Eno, we want to do for mental fitness what Fitbit did for physical fitness. 

We spent the last decade learning how researchers measure and interpret mental fitness. Alongside a team of experts in neuroscience, psychology, and product design, we created Enophone: an advanced mental fitness tracker built into a noise cancelling headphone. 

Using four brain-sensors integrated into the band, Enophone can measure and track your mental fitness during your work day. We believe that over the next decade, brain-sensors will do for mental fitness what heart rate sensors did for physical fitness. 

We designed Enophone to track 3 daily scores, each of which offers insight into a different component of your mental fitness. The mental effort score tracks the cognitive demands of your work, giving insight into your productivity. The readiness score tracks your mental fatigue, giving insight into your mental health. Finally, the efficiency score tracks how distracted you are, giving insight into your behavior. 

Over time, the Eno app will highlight trends and insights in your data to help you understand your mental fitness. Eno can identify when your mind is operating at its peak, recognize when you should stop and take a break, and identify the cause of your biggest distractions. With every update we’re adding more tools to help you measure, understand, and improve your mental fitness. 

At Eno, we believe that the future of mental fitness will come from products personalized to you and your mind – after a decade of work, we’re incredibly excited to be able to share Enophone with the world. 

If you want to join our journey, visit to get your own Enophone and start tracking your mental fitness. You can also join our community on discord, where we share what we’re learning on our own mental fitness journeys.