May update

May 9, 2021

The latest news about Enophone, including shipping batch 3!

Jacob Flood 


Hey Backers!

Today’s update is a very exciting one for us, as we get to share with you pictures from our latest Enophone production run of Batch 3. After so much hard work, this is a monumental milestone.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!



Production of Batch 3 went great – we are shipping them as we speak! See the full update for pictures, and a more detailed shipping timeline.

We will be getting started on Batch 4 (all remaining pre-orders) as soon as we complete our retrospective analysis on the recent batch. We will have more to share in our next update regarding the timeline for these units.

In parallel to Batch 3, we’re releasing a major update to Enowork to include automatic tracking, an updated onboarding, and more. This will be available for download later this month. 


Enophone Batch 3! 

Over the past few months we’ve been working up to Enophone Batch 3: a 2,500 unit mass production cycle of Enophone units that will be shipping to the majority of our backers. We’re incredibly excited to share that manufacturing has proceeded without a hitch, and we are ready to begin shipping these units!

Here are a few photos of the production run, showing some of the completed units.

Fully assembled Enophones from batch 3!
Dozens of ear cups ready for final assembly
Assembling electrodes into the upper bands
Batch 3 Enophones awaiting final testing and packaging
Testing the Enophones before packaging
Packaging and sealing the Enophones for transport!


>1000 Enophones packed in the master cartons for delivery to the warehouse!


I’m incredibly proud of the effort the team has put into bringing this batch of Enophones to life. This batch represents the culmination of many years of hard work bringing Eno’s first product to life. This experience has been incredibly humbling, yet has only increased our belief in the vision of this new product category.

Having supported our journey throughout, we can’t wait to get Enophone into your hands, so you can share in our excitement!


Shipping timeline

Following the manufacturing, we run each of the Enophones through a QA process before forwarding them to our warehouse in Hong Kong to be shipped on a rolling basis.

The first units off the line ran through the QA process last week. We held off on posting this update until these units had shipped so we could confidently state that we encountered no significant issues with these units, and are ready to ship them out.

The first 400 units are already through QA, with the next 600 going through tomorrow and many more to come in the next week. The first shipment of units will be leaving the warehouse next week, delivering to everyone with Kickstarter Backer # below 1900. As the rest go through QA we’ll continue sharing our shipping progress through comments on Kickstarter directly.

Once your unit ships, you’ll receive a tracking number by email to the same email account associated with your backerkit account. If you have any issues with this process, we will do our best to provide support via email at


Batch 4

With Batch 3 heading out the door, we’ll be starting to prep for production of Batch 4. This batch will be shipping all remaining pre-ordered units to our backers!

Having just finished Batch 3, we have not yet laid out a timeline with our factory for the next production batch. As a result, we can’t yet provide a detailed shipping timeline as we did with batch 3.

We intend to do a full retrospective analysis of Batch 3’s production and assembly in the coming weeks to integrate the learnings we had from manufacturing these units.

After that, we’ll be able to share a better estimate of the timeline for Batch 4.


Enowork update

In parallel to releasing Batch 3, we’ll be pushing a major update to our Enowork app to include the following features:

  1. Automatic sessions

We have added the ability to automatically start/stop sessions by wearing and removing Enophone. This allows you to automatically track your focus during the day as you wear Enophone, without interacting with the Enowork app.

We’ve been working on this for a while, and are very excited to be releasing it alongside Batch 3!

  1. Visual design updates

We have improved the core aesthetics of some of the apps major functions, including the dashboard calendar, the status indicator, and the daily goals.

  1. Major reliability improvements

This includes stability improvements to the audio, the Bluetooth connection, the account creation, and more. We’ve also added new logging features, to help us better track future bugs to increase the speed of our next patch releases.

This release will be available for download in a few weeks once we finish these features and run them through QA. We can’t wait to get your feedback on the new experience!


That’s all for now!

Please leave your questions and comments below, and we’ll be sure to answer them.

As always, lots of love,

– The Eno Team


  • Zsolt Kovacs

    Hi Eno Team,
    Such tremendous news we all have been waiting for since many years. It is good to hear that after all the hardship you went through the final goal is within reach.
    #2657 since March 2017

    • Jacob (eno)

      Thank your for the kind words Zsolt 🙂 Can’t wait to ship your Enophones!

  • Chris Knight

    Where do Indigogo backers stand in the queue? Thanks

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Chris! Indiegogo backers will be getting their units in Batch 4. We’ll be able to share a timeline for these units in our next update, once we finish a retrospective analysis of Batch 3 that just went out the door. Can’t wait!

  • Paul Cartwright

    Because I am batch 3 ( and have already updated my delivery address should we get an email when sent out.
    When I originally order the headphone is mentioned shipping was free, in a previous blog I read that someone had to pay for shipping.
    I’m really looking forward to getting the product.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Paul – the shipping company will email a tracking number when the unit leaves the warehouse. Since you ordered on, your unit will be shipping in Batch 4.

      The shipping fee is related to Indiegogo backers, who were accidentally not charged shipping at the time of purchase. For, the price of shipping was included in the cost of the unit.

      Can’t wait to get you your Enophone!

  • Pete Thornbeck

    So your aren’t on the run from the Canadian Mounted Police like someone else mentioned in the March update? haha

    • Jacob (eno)

      Haha nope, no mounties showing up at my door 😉 Still working hard on delivering the units however!

  • Roger Rome

    I’m also wondering when Indigogo backers can expect to receive their product?

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Roger – Indiegogo backers will be getting their units in Batch 4. We’ll be able to share a timeline for these units in our next update, once we finish a retrospective analysis of Batch 3 that just went out the door.

  • Tania

    Hi, its been about 4 years since I backed this project and have NO clue what my batch number is. How do I find this out?

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Tania – we shared instructions for finding your backer number on each platform in our November update. Let me know if that’s not clear!

  • Alex

    So you’re saying that only backers with pledge number <= 1900 will receive their units soon?
    Pardon my math, but given your schedule:
    Batch 1 – 100 units (August 2020)
    Batch 2A – 250 units (November 2020)
    Batch 2B – 250 units (January 2020)
    Batch 3 – 2500 units (April 2021)
    Means that every backer bough 1.6 pairs of headphone on average ((100 + 250 + 250 + 2500) / 1900), which seems off to me.
    I'm the backer #2314, when will I receive my headphones?

    • Jacob (eno)

      Sorry for the confusing math Alex – as of writing the update 1,000 units had gone through QA and been sent to our warehouse, so we are shipping them immediately (to backers below 1,900 who have filled out their backerkit surveys). The remaining 1,500 units will continue shipping out the moment they’re ready. My team hasn’t yet confirmed for me which backer number we’ll reach by the end of this batch, but we’ll be sure to share it once we are sure.

      As backer # 2314, you’ll definitely be part of this batch!

  • Bruno

    I’m backer 3400, so maybe around Christmas I’ll have mine?
    To change my address I’ll just update it on kick starter?

    • Jacob (eno)

      Definitely aiming for sooner than that!

      To update your address you’ll need to use your backerkit survey. I’ve resent a link to your email address in order to simplify this. Feel free to email me at if you have any issues with it.

  • John T

    Does anyone know if these headphones are MS Teams certified and if you are able to mute the mic from the headphones.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey John – we never applied for the MS Teams certification, but I can confirm that I use mine on teams daily and they perform great.

      We don’t have an external mute button on the device, so you’ll need to use the software mute built into Teams.

  • Dan White

    First off, the product is looking great; can’t wait to get mine. Second, I am not complaining, but I do wonder when mine will ship (purchased off your web site in 2017, I think.


    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Dan – thanks for the kind words!

      We’ve shipped to everyone with backer number below 1900 so far. Since you ordered on our website, your Enophone will be shipping in our upcoming batch 4. We’ll share a more precise timeline in our next update! 🙂

  • Paulo Romandini

    Hi guys! So, the second shipment of units will be delivering to everyone with Kickstarter Backer # below 2500? Or someone got more than one headphones?

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Paulo – you’re correct, some backers ordered more than one Enophone. As a result, we’ve shipped to everyone with backer number below 1900 so far, and will be shipping all the remaining units in our upcoming batch 4! 🙂

  • Kaat Niels

    your schedule was for Batch 3 – 2500 units (April 2021)
    I’m n° 1986 – kickstarters
    should have received mine now (2 items)?

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hi Kaat – we’ve shipped to everyone with backer number below 1900 so far, so your unit will be shipping in the next batch 🙂

  • Clint Gray

    Great work and thanks for all your teams efforts.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Thank you Clint 🙂 Look forward to getting your feedback about your Enophones!

  • John T

    Thanks Jacob, I suppose it’s just software and MS Teams support might be something that can be added in the future with a software update?

    • Jacob (eno)

      Yes indeed! Just to be clear: the Enophone’s work perfectly well on MS Teams, despite the fact that we never got them certified. I use them on Teams every day 🙂

  • Yukari Okunishi 奥西 由加里

    Hello, I’m really looking forward to it.
    I want to get it soon. When will #1491 arrive?

  • Mark Jenkins

    Hello Jacob,

    Glad it is all moving ahead and also excited about the software/app.
    I was order number 12##, and I am based in Australia from the Mindset website, when can i anticipate my delivery.


    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Mark – since you ordered from our website, your Enophone will be shipping in the upcoming Batch 4. We’ll share a more precise timeline in the next update!

  • Lisa Tataryn

    Just got mine delivered today! Can’t wait to test it out.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Wooooo! Please do share your feedback once you test them! 🙂

  • Benoit Proulx


    I am 1,698th on the backers list so technically i should be in the batch 3 right? Is it normal that the order has not ship yet?

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Benoit – I double checked, and your backer number is actually 27xx. Backerkit unfortunately assigns their own separate number which we do not use for our shipping. As a result, your order will be shipping in our next batch.

      We’ll have more details about the precise timeline for these in our next update!

  • Zander

    I got mine this week.
    Quality of material is very good.
    But the headphone did not have clear sound. When listen to music inside some seconds stick of 0.5 seconds and all the time louder, and again quieter.
    So when only noise suppression is switched on, a very high noise can be heard in addition to the noise suppression and all the time a hissing noise.
    How to do?
    With the sound quality of the sound I would not buy this.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Zander – can you please email our technical team at so we can help solve this issue? Thanks!

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