March 2021 update

March 25, 2021

A quick update about our progress towards shipping our next batch!

Jacob Flood 

Hey Backers!

We’re well through March, and the team is hard at work building the next batch of Enophones. We can’t wait to ship them out in April.

This update will be shorter than usual, focusing on our timeline and next steps. Enjoy!



We’re still on schedule to ship 2,500 units in Batch 3 in April. In parallel, we’re starting to prepare materials for Batch 4 soon after, which will ship Enophones to all remaining backers. We’re very excited about this major milestone, and can’t wait to ship everyone their Enophones!

In parallel, we’re currently alpha testing our SDK. Please read below if you’d like to participate in this testing.

Finally, we’re beta testing new Enowork features, and need your help. If you have your Enophone already, please read below and reach out to help with the testing! 



Let’s get right to it: the question on everyone’s mind is our timeline for Batch 3.

As of today, we’re still on track to ship the 2,500 units Batch 3 in April. Both the plastic parts and the electronics are finished manufacturing. The upper band is currently undergoing the fabric wrapping, after which the assembly of the upper band will commence on April 7. In parallel, the metal parts are being manufactured, and are on schedule with the rest. 

Based on our current timeline, we expect the final assembly, packaging, and quality control inspection of Batch 3 to take place April 23 through April 28, at which point the batch will be ready to ship. This schedule may vary slightly by a couple days, but we don’t anticipate any major changes.

All in all, we’re very pleased with how things are advancing. Copied from our previous update, our schedule remains the following:

  • Batch 1 – 100 units (August 2020)
  • Batch 2A – 250 units (November 2020)
  • Batch 2B – 250 units (January 2020)
  • Batch 3 – 2500 units (April 2021)
  • Batch 4 – all remaining units (TBD)

You can estimate which batch your Enophone will ship from through your backer number. For more details about how to find your backer number, check out our previous update.

We can’t wait to get Enophone into more of your hands so you can experience the product that we’ve worked so hard to create!



Following the shipment of Batch 3, we’ll be doing a short review of the data from our assembly to address any issues that may have arisen. While as of today we haven’t encountered any major issues, we’ll have more details about the results in our next update once Batch 3 has shipped.

After this, we’ll get started on Batch 4. This batch will ship all remaining Enophones to anyone who’s purchased them. We’re incredibly excited about this upcoming milestone.

We aren’t ready to share a precise shipping date for this next batch yet. We’re currently building the schedule for this batch based on our feedback from Batch 3, and don’t feel comfortable sharing the timeline until we better understand the implications. There is unfortunately a tangible risk of delay in long lead time components, due to the international component shortage currently ongoing. In order to mitigate these issues, we are ordering components for Batch 4 ahead of schedule in preparation.

We will have more information to share in our next update, and will continue to do our best to ship the units as fast as possible.



Good news – we have finished V1 of the Enophone SDK, which we are currently starting our internal alpha testing.

This version includes preliminary streaming functions and a few other tools, embedded as a python library. We will be building on this in the future, once we’ve stabilized the core functionality.

We will looking for a limited number of corporate, academic, and hobbyist partners who are familiar with EEG signal processing to help test the SDK. If you fit this profile, please email with information about the organization you work with, your intended purpose with the SDK, and any functionality requirements you may have.

Quick note: we won’t be replying to everyone’s emails immediately, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t hear from us. Sending this email will help us learn more about your needs, and add you to our list to be the first to receive the public SDK release once it’s ready.  

We can’t wait to hear about your exciting projects!



We mentioned in our year-end review that we’ve been working internally on some data-gathering experiments. These data acquisition experiments help us train and test our algorithms, which power the design of new features in the Enowork app.

We recently completed the Alpha tests for one such experiment, on which we’ve designed a very exciting new feature. No spoilers just yet – feel free to share any guesses about the new feature in the comments!

Moving to beta, we need your help. If you currently have your Enophone, we are looking for testers to help us gather data, and to test the new feature. If you’re interested, please email!



A quick reminder to Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers: please fill out your backerkit surveys to confirm your shipping addresses. We will not be able to ship your unit until you confirm your backerkit survey.

Kickstarter backers can access backerkit here.

Indiegogo backers can access backerkit here.

Backers who ordered through our websites ( or do not need to update a backerkit survey.

If you are unable to access your survey, it is likely that the email on file is no longer correct. In that case, please email and include:

  • Your full name
  • The old email on file
  • The new email you’d like to replace it with
  • The shipping address on file (for a security check)

If your backerkit survey is locked and you need to update your address, please email hello@enophone.comfrom the email address on file, and we will unlock the account.

That’s all for now! Please share any questions you have in the comments, and we’ll be sure to answer them.

We can’t wait to ship your Enophones. Thank you again for all of your support!

Lots of love,

– The Eno Team


  • Charles

    That’s a nice batch of units coming it! Awesome. I hope I’ll be getting mine in the April batch 🙂

    • Jacob (eno)

      Thanks Charles – can’t wait to ship yours very soon!

  • Joseph

    Thanks for the update! Seems like things are finally coming together. Keep up with the good work, I know this is a very challenging product to make.

    Would you be able to provide us with more details on the experiments you are running? Even though I don’t have an enophone now, I’d love to learn more!

    • Jacob (eno)

      Yes of course! We’ll be sharing more updates about our experiments as time goes on, but for now check out our year-end post for a sneak peak!

  • M. Sharma

    So if my backer number is 1180 does that mean I’m in batch 3? That’s amazing, I can’t wait to get them! My other headphones just broke, so these will be the best possible replacements!

    • Jacob (eno)

      Yes it does – can’t wait to ship your Enophones!

  • Jen R.

    That’s so exciting! Can we see pictures? I’m going to be getting mine and want to see them!!! It’s almost hard to believe that it’s finally coming.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Very exciting indeed!!
      We’ll share a lot more pictures in our next update 🙂

  • Dorothy Chae

    can’t wait to try them on:)

    • Jacob (eno)

      Can’t wait to get your feedback on them!

  • Yishay Yovel

    I am backer 29 (!) on Indiegogo (per Backerfit). Shouldnt I have received my headphone by now (signed up in 2017).

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Yishay – we’re shipping in order of purchase, so backers from Indiegogo will receive their units in Batch 4!

  • Jan

    Hi there,
    do you know if and how much the german customs charge?
    Looking forward to receive my headphones this summer 🙂

  • Habii pch

    Hello, I’ve sent the email to unlock the survey but haven’t received any reply yet, need to update my shipping address. Thanks

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Habii – let me know if you haven’t received a reply yet!

  • Diana Simplair

    So how do I find out what batch I am? I’m backer 1676,

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Diana – we gave a breakdown of how to find your backer number in our November update. Let me know if that’s not clear!

  • Nikita

    Good day. Any news about April batch? Have been waiting for my headphones for more then 3 years now, backer number on Indiegogo #558. Based on the number I should’ve been in the previous (2B) batch, but I haven’t received a notice that my item was sent even within the next 2500-pieces batch. Could someone please update me on that?

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Nikita – the latest update is live!

      Since you ordered through Indiegogo, your unit will be shipping in Batch 4. We’ll do our best to make sure that batch ships very soon!

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