June 2020 Update

June 15, 2020

Updates on the latest batch of units, and our timeline for shipping!

Jacob Flood, June 15 2020

Hey Backers,

Welcome to our first update under the new eno banner!

We’re trying something new this time, keeping it short and sweet. Below you’ll find our video update: a quick clip where we explain our progress, the challenges we’re facing, and describe the timeline for our next shipments.


This recent batch is looking great, and will be shipping immediately! We’ll be reaching out by email to confirm addresses for the first beta testers.

In parallel, we’ll be running our certification tests, validating the recent hardware, and preparing for the upcoming production of the first 3000 units. Check out the video below for more details, and some great clips of the assembly process!

Let us know what you think of the video format, as well as what you’d like to see in future videos, so we can work towards releasing them on a more regular cadence. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Thank you again for your support. Wishing everyone good health in these difficult times. Stay safe!

Lots of love,

– The Eno Team


  • Laurent

    We can see you talking with the headset on your head. Does the audio when you talk comes from the mic on the headset ?

    • Jacob (eno)

      In this case I used an external mic. I’ll post a side-by-side comparison in a future video!

  • Susan Purcell

    Good job! Iโ€™m very happy with your communication & look forward to your continued progress with this interesting project. Thanks!

    • Jacob (eno)

      Thank you for the kind words Susan!

  • F

    Would love to see a run-through on how the app works and the selection process behind the sounds/tracks used. What are the details behind the psychology? Thanks

    • Jacob (eno)

      Awesome, we’ll work on that!

  • F

    What’s the battery life like when used wirelessly? How long does it take to charge?

    • Jacob (eno)

      We don’t have final numbers, because our software team keeps finding ways to speed it up. But we are can comfortably say >10hours with all functions active. We’ll share better numbers soon!

  • Joseph

    Enjoyed video! Again is that audio from the headset mic?

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Joseph – the audio for this video was from a separate mic. We’ll do a side by side comparison in a future video!

  • Eric H.

    LOVE seeing the headphones being assembled! I can’t wait to get mine!

    • Jacob (eno)

      Glad you’re as excited as we are! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Steve

    I like the video update format. An every other week (twice monthly) update would be great. Would love to see more about the app and the time for it’s release, etc. Looking forward to getting these on my head.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Great, we’ll focus on that for next update!

  • Simon

    I much prefer this format of update! It’s great to see things moving forward and get a glimpse behind the scene. Looking forward to get my own pair =)

    • Jacob (eno)

      Awesome, great to hear! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Mike

    I like the updated format. Regular short updates > Long infrequent updates.
    Knowing the features and facts about the unit would be nice. Battery life, charging time, how it charges any features on the unit itself.
    Also interested in seeing what the software looks like now that goes with the headphones.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Great, we’ll focus on that for next update!

  • Sara Ahrens

    Whenever these do ship, how do we update addresses. Iโ€™ve moved twice since I backed.

    • Jacob (eno)

      We’ll be sure to reach out prior to shipping to confirm your address!

  • G

    Wish I had waited to buy the Apple headphones that they’re gonna release…

  • Henrique

    How does the 30 day guarantee works?

    • Jacob (eno)

      This is something we’ve been offering since the start: backers have 30 days from their purchase to decide if they want to pull out of their preorder. Once we are shipping realtime, this will include once the product has been shipped.

  • Claudia

    Like the new format, and I’m hoping this headphone are decent. It has been almost 4 years since I pay for them!

    • Jacob (eno)

      We’re hoping they’ll be better than decent! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Guillaume

    Great format!

    • Jacob (eno)

      Thanks Guillaume! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Erik Saltrones

    I like this format – please keep it up.
    Iโ€™d like to see a demonstration showing the headset, describing it in detail, and outlining the actual functions. I guess kind of like bring the previous photo updates, into a nice video…

    • Jacob (eno)

      Great, we’ll focus on that next update!

  • Moises

    New format is great. Would like to hear more about the software advances. Also, since videos usually take less time to make then a full update, shorter and more frequent updates would be great. Regarding the rebranding, will shopped headphones all include new logos? What about beta testers?

    • Jacob (eno)

      Great to hear! Next video will prioritize product functionality ๐Ÿ™‚

      All headphones are going to use the new branding, including beta testers.

  • May

    Another update of address is required if you going to ship in August. Thanks.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey May – I’ve re-sent you your backerkit survey link, which you can use at any point to update your address. Let me know if you have any issues with it.

  • Michael

    Can you please send out a way to fill in one’s address for shipping? Because it’s been years since I backed this, I’ve moved around, and I have no idea what you guys have on file for me.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Michael – I’ve re-sent you your backerkit survey link, which you can use at any point to update your address. Let me know if you have any issues with it!

  • Technopath

    Great format! I loved watching the video and seeing the units come together. Keep these updates coming and best of luck ironing out the wrinkles (I see what you did there )

    • Jacob (eno)

      Great to hear! #punlife

  • Fabio Romano

    Great news everybody… Four years has passed and urging to get a pair of these! Since my last remark I was asking for the environment vision for this product – as care taker for a friend with ALS disease I mind the possibilities of your software helping these people too.
    More to talk you guys.
    #TakeCare &&

    • Jacob (eno)

      Great idea. We’ll try and share this in an upcoming video!

  • Akira

    I dig it. Easier to absorb than text and a little glimpse on the production was cool too.
    Glad you prioritized telling us the timeline. I know Kickstarters are notorious for ambiguity and with what’s been going on, it can’t be easy to figure one to tell us.
    I’d like to know a little more about the app, and whether backers will get a subscription in addition to the headphones. As it was never part of the original campaign, and now that it seems like such an integral part of it, would the backers be left hanging on it?

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Akira, thanks for the feedback!

      Absolutely – we addressed this in an earlier (non video sadly) post: https://enophone.com/brand-backer-update/. The short and sweet is backers will get a lifetime subscription to enosound!

  • Derrick

    Hmm… am would like to understand. Why did you wear the headphone while videoing. Apart from possible marketing usage, are you testing anything?

    • Jacob (eno)

      Mostly because I’d been using them to focus on the script writing prior to filming, and figured why not!
      I did actually track my focus while recording – may be fun to share at some point!

  • Kenneth Schauer

    Thank you for this update, your honesty, and what you do!

    • Jacob (eno)

      Thank you for the kind words Kenneth ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mike

    Hi, is there a mic built-in for video conferencing and to make/ receive phone calls?

    • Jacob (eno)

      Yes indeed! We use a technology that uses 4 microphones to cancel external noise for crystal clear calls. Can’t wait for you to experience it yourself!

  • Ash

    I need to update my address. I have made this request multiple times. Could I please have this response on my email. I really need this response fast.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Ash – I’ve re-sent you your backerkit survey link, which you can use at any point to update your address. Let me know if you have any issues with it!

  • Jan Hemphรคlรค

    Looking good. Although frustrating for all parties the work you are putting in will make everything better in the long run. Both me and my son are looking forward to getting our Enos.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Great to hear – we can’t wait to ship them!

  • Andrew

    Great format. I’d prefer shorter more frequent contact as we near release.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Thanks for the note!

  • Trymmelfink

    I prefer text to video. I can skim a text quickly and read details where it looks interesting, but a video forces me to follow the pace of the speaker and it’s just too slow for me so I won’t watch it.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Noted, thanks for the feedback!

  • Ralph Herrera

    Yes, this format. Thanks.

    • Jacob (eno)


  • Brian

    Yes, I like the new format.

    – Can you give use a guided tour through Enoworks? Video format would demo the application nicely
    – Can you tell us a bit more about why you picked the name “eno” for your company? I’m just curious does the “enophone” convey. The previous name “mindset” gave a good idea of the concept you are working with (headset + eeg tracking).
    – Are you using the headset to record your voice in this video?

    • Jacob (eno)

      Thanks for the feedback!
      – Absolutely. A tour of the hardware also feels like a good next step!
      – Yes! This is a good place to start: https://enophone.com/brand-backer-update/
      – I used an external mic for this video. I’ll try to share a direct comparison in the next weeks!

  • Paul Cartwright

    like the format, if all goes well will all the people who have order get a time line if they are not part of the 3000 batch

    • Jacob (eno)

      That’s the plan – we’ll let you know when we have those details specifically!

  • Michael Hughes

    It seems to me the only mindset you’ve developed do far is a ‘can’t do’ mindset. How about some real news, o rmaybe just refund everyone’s money.

  • David Ayache

    Anyone can update their shipping address on their backerkit account at https://www.backerkit.com/backer_accounts/sign_in

    Will the first batch of 3000 units ship to a certain geography first? For example, will users in Canada and the US be prioritized?

    • Jacob (eno)

      Thanks for the PSA David! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Regarding shipping, we’re still figuring out the details with our logistics company about what’s most efficient. We’ll keep you posted when we have a better answer!

  • Jackie

    Love the update, looking forward to receiving my headset! Congratulations on these important milestones.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Thank you Jackie! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Lh

    Nice! somehow’s more tangible/extraordinary than a dull updates in KS platform. I saw it til the end and felt more okay than reading updates by myself. Good job!

    *I can be your beta tester in case you might need more. i’m a heavy-headphone user.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Great to hear, thanks for the feedback!

  • Bruno

    Definitely text to video, I can easily read the parts that are interesting to me, instead of being “forced” to listen to the full video to get what I need.
    As a example i advance back and forth on the video to try and listen and then just gave up!

    • Jacob (eno)

      Noted, thanks for the feedback Bruno!

  • Puvin

    Can we wear this and workout? (something like IP-67 water resistance)?

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hi Puvin – while the headphones can survive minor moisture due to sweat, the sensor readings will not be accurate during active movement. They do not have IP-67 water resistance.

  • Rod

    Out of curiosity, when you say you are selecting some to be beta testers, how many are going to be involved? and how long would the beta testing be for?

  • Ian

    Thanks for the update. Nice job on the new format! Looking forward to when this finally is ready to ship.

  • Ben

    This update format is great! Really looking forward to getting the headphones!

  • Eton Douglas Saunderson

    Loved The 1st Video Format
    Is it too late to sign up as a Beta Tester?

  • Patrick

    I the initial phase of the headphone development availability of an SDK to work with the metrics received from the headset (EEG) was discussed. Will this still be part of the offering ? If so, some video content on how this will work would be nice to see.

  • Fabio Comelli

    The video format is perfect, Iโ€™d like to see how the software works, and if is already tested for iOS14 and BigSur, also Iโ€™d like to know if the software can export raw data of brainwave pattern.

  • Joseph Galda

    I donโ€™t know where I am in the line but any idea when mine will ship? It seems forever.

  • Nader

    Great update!

    I am really looking forward to receiving mine.

    Would you kindly give me an estimate?

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