Introducing the new Eno app

June 23, 2022 | Jacob (eno)

We’re excited to announce the launch of v1.0 of Eno’s desktop app. This represents our most significant update to the Eno app since its beta in 2020, and will lay the groundwork for the future of Eno and Enophone. 

The update is available today, for all Enophone users. You can download the Eno app at 

3 new mental fitness scores

Eno is introducing 3 new mental fitness scores, which will be automatically calculated and tracked whenever you wear Enophone. These new sources of data provide a wealth of insight into your productivity, mental health, and behavior. 

The Mental Effort score tracks the cognitive demands of your tasks, to measure how hard your mind is working. A high Mental Effort score indicates more complex tasks that require deeper focus. You can use this information to proactively schedule your most important tasks during your best high-effort hours, or to schedule emails during your low-effort periods. 

The Readiness score tracks your mental fatigue, to visualize how your cognitive resources drop during long work sessions. Sustaining a low Readiness score over time can contribute to mental exhaustion and burnout. You can use this information to identify when you should keep working, and when it’s time for a break. 

The Efficiency score tracks how focused or distracted you are based on your app usage. A low Efficiency score indicates heavy multitasking and frequency distraction. You can use this information to identify which apps are most distracting, so you can take action towards mitigating these habits. 

The 3 mental fitness scores were designed to provide deep and actionable insight into your mental fitness, leveraging Eno’s unique data and world-class research team. Finally, tracking your mental fitness is as easy as wearing headphones. 

Daily dashboard

The Eno app is adding a new Daily view to our dashboard, helping you visualize your sessions and mental fitness scores. The Daily dashboard is the easiest way to track your mental fitness each day. 

Daily Dashboard

The Daily dashboard puts your mental fitness scores at the front and center, so you can easily track your progress during the day. At a glance you can see your daily average for the mental effort, readiness, and efficiency scores. 

Below this, each of your day’s sessions are easily accessible, so you can review your day’s progress and see where your time was spent. This view provides more detail about each session than the weekly view, highlighting your session’s task, duration, and scores. 

Clicking any of these sessions will take you to the expanded session view, where you can investigate the session deeper and see how each of your scores varied during your work. 

Session page

These new visualization tools make it easier than ever to spot trends in your data, and understand how your habits impact your mental fitness. And with the new mental fitness scores, the steps to turning this data into actionable habits has never been clearer. 

Trends and Insights 

Eno is expanding on our previous stats page, to add two new views: Trends and Insights. These pages will allow you to track changes in your mental fitness scores over time, giving an even deeper view into your mental fitness. 

Trends page

The Trends tab allows you to view changes in each of your mental fitness scores over the past month. This makes it easy to compare your scores across days, weeks, and months, to get a sense of how your mental fitness has changed over time. 

Each graph will highlight one of the mental fitness metrics: mental effort, readiness, efficiency, and session minutes. Clicking any of the days will take you immediately to the daily dashboard, where you can review the day’s data to gain deeper insight. 

Insights page

The Insights tab goes a step further, averaging your mental fitness scores across all of your sessions to highlight provide specific and actionable insights in your data. 

Insights graphs will show which hours your mental effort is highest, and what session length results in the highest readiness. These charts will feature actionable lessons about your work habits that you can learn across all of your sessions. Over the next months, we will be adding more insights as our team learns how to best make use of Enophone’s unique data. 

The future of mental fitness 

Over the last year, we have supported our thousands of users tracking their focus level for over 100,000 hours using Enophone. This reception has been incredible, highlighting just how powerful our vision of a brain-sensing headphone could become. 

With this update, adding new mental fitness scores, a daily dashboard, and trends and insights pages, we’re taking our next step forward. 

We’re building Enophone into a device that provides the data, insights, and guidance you need to maximize your mental health and productivity – a device that does for mental fitness what Fitbit did for physical fitness. Our mission is to continue innovating at the forefront of neurotechnology, to build the world’s most advanced mental fitness tracker. 

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We’ve never been more excited for you to join us on this journey. If you’ve already received your Enophone, you can download the new update today at Otherwise, check out the rest of our website to learn more about our product, and try out Enophone today. 

As always, lots of love,

The Eno Team