Introducing the Eno Discord

July 5, 2022 | Jacob (eno)

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Eno Discord community! You can click here to join our new community hub. 

Since shipping all of our Enophone pre-orders and launching the biggest update to the Eno App ever, our next step is building a community where we can all learn, exchange, and connect. Moving forward, our Discord community will become the go-to place for everything mental fitness, neurotech, and Enophone.

Why build an Eno Discord Community?

Having learned more and more about you and our community through our Community Connect Calls, we discovered that Discord is the best place for you to learn and share tips, tricks, and know-how on mental fitness, discuss the newest emerging neurotech achievements, and stay updated on Eno! 

Moving forward, Discord will be our go-to place for sharing the latest about Eno, and connecting with you all. Our goal is to turn this into a hub for active and meaningful engagement on the best ways for you to level up your mental fitness and make leveraging your mind to reach your goals easy.

What can you expect in the Enophone Discord Community?

Discord is a platform where you can chat with us and with each other about all things mental fitness, neurotech, and Eno.

In Eno’s Discord Community, you will be able to discover new tips, tricks, and know-how on how to better your mental fitness. Alongside others Eno users, you can build new habits and strategies to become your most productive, focused, and effective self. Discovering valuable information to achieve your goals is the purpose of specific channels.

Meanwhile, you will also be able to share your story. Tell us how and why you are taking your mental fitness seriously – with your Enophone and beyond! By contributing your wealth of knowledge and experience, you are in effect building this new community into the space for knowledge sharing and belonging.

By joining the Enophone Discord, you will get access to special updates about Eno, never before seen behind-the-scenes sneak peaks, and useful webinars and content that will transform how you track your mental fitness and reach your goals. 

But, most importantly, this Enophone Discord community is about you. Our community is essential and makes Eno what it is today. So, join us to learn, exchange, and connect with other incredible people building the future one day at a time. We cannot wait to meet you.