How the eno platform works

We combine brain-sensing technology with music to improve your focus.

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The eno platform

Leverage data to improve your focus and productivity

Personalized to you and your brain, eno improves each and every facet of your deep work.

Inside the eno platform

The science behind training for sustained attention.

Brain-sensing headphones

enophone measure and track your focus levels.

Measuring brain data.

By making gentle contact with your scalp, our EEG sensors measure the electrical activity produced by your brain and heart.

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Tracking focus levels.

Our algorithms use data from your sensors and computer interaction to determine your level of focus. This data powers enosound and enowork.

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neuro-adaptive music

enosound strengthens your sustained attention

neuro-adaptive music.

Every time your brain state changes, enosound adapts the soundscape by modulating the track’s intensity, complexity, and dozens of other parameters. We call this neuro-adaptive music.

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Sustained attention training

These small changes help your subconscious mind recognize when you’ve become distracted. This process is known as sustained attention training and is shown to improve your focus by an average of 75%. The best part?
The results persist after the training ends.

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Your productivity coach

enowork helps you build lasting deep work habits.

Deep work

Deep work is a fixed period of time during which you commit to focusing on a single task. Prioritizing deep work is the key to turning multi-tasking and distraction into meaningful and creative problem-solving.

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Habit forming

enowork helps you build a habit of prioritizing deep work. enowork lets you set daily deep work goals, receive reminders when it’s time to focus, and track your focus levels over time. It’s like your very own productivity coach, improving your focus through forming the right habits.

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Reclaim your focus.

“I’ve learned so much about how to focus better & how my brain works. eno isn’t just a headphone, it’s a productivity coach.”

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What’s in the box

$399 USD

• 1 pair of enophones powered by Onkyo
• Download code for the enowork app
• Access to 1 year subscription to enosound

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