How Eno works

June 17, 2022 | Jacob (eno)

Our mission at Eno is to provide the data, insights, and guidance you need to improve your mental fitness. This mission is what motivated us to spend nearly a decade designing Enophone, the most advanced mental fitness tracker. 

Whether you just received your Enophone, or you’re considering getting one, you may be wondering: what exactly is a mental fitness tracker and how do they work?

This article will help answer that question. 

Why mental fitness?  

We define mental fitness as the ability to use your thoughts, feelings, and actions to achieve your desired goals. Your mental health, productivity, wellbeing, and behavior are all components of your mental fitness, much in the same way that strength, flexibility, and cardio are components of your physical fitness. 

Nowhere does mental fitness play a stronger role than at work. Sitting at your desk for 8 hours a day, your ability to command your mental resources to achieve your goals is what determines whether you get your tasks done, or end up spinning your tires all day. 

A few years ago, researchers at Oxford Economics were investigating the state of work, and found a startling fact: 29% of knowledge workers say difficulty focusing is their #1 issue at work. 68% of knowledge workers ranked difficulty focusing in their top 3 biggest issues. The conclusion is that in today’s work environment, we are desperately struggling to maintain deep, focused work. 

In other words: modern knowledge work requires higher mental fitness than most of us currently have. 

Luckily, just like physical fitness, mental fitness can be trained and improved. The purpose of Enophone is to provide the data, insights, and guidance you need to improve your mental fitness. 

Let’s break this down, step by step. 

1. Data 

Over the last decade, our physical fitness tools have become more precise and personalized than ever – every heartbeat, step, and calorie can be tracked and analysed to help us understand our performance and health, guiding us towards achieving our body’s full potential. 

Why doesn’t this exist for our mental fitness? 

There’s a common expression that is core to our vision for Eno: what gets measured gets managed. Enophone brings this belief to your mental fitness. 

Whenever you wear your Enophone, four brain sensors track the electrical activity that your brain naturally produces, and sends this data to the Eno app. At the same time, Eno’s computer app tracks how you interact with your computer – specifically, which apps you use, and how often you switch between them. 

By monitoring these two datapoints, you can gain incredible insights into your mental fitness. The combination of which apps you use, and how it impacts your brain activity – in other words, your behaviour, and your mental state – provide a deeper understanding of your mental fitness than either metric alone. 

Next, Eno turns this data into insights about your mental fitness. 

2. Insights 

Every time you wear your Enophone, the Eno app calculates 3 mental fitness scores from your data: mental effort, readiness, and efficiency. These scores provide insights into how your mental fitness changes each day. 

The mental effort score tracks the cognitive demands of your tasks, to indicate how hard your mind is working. Your mental effort score can help you identify when your mind is operating at peak performance throughout the day, and narrow down which tasks are the most cognitively demanding. 

The readiness score tracks your mental fatigue, to visualize how your cognitive resources drop during long work sessions. The readiness score will help you identify when you should keep working, and when it’s time for a break. 

The efficiency score tracks how focused you are, based on how you navigate between your computer apps. Your efficiency score helps identify distractions, and highlight behaviors that may be impacting your focus. 

Every day, you’ll be able to track how these scores change throughout the day. Just like with a Fitbit or Apple Watch, monitoring your scores will help you understand your progress, motivating you to prioritize mental fitness and helping you plan how to spend your time. 

Over time, Eno will recognize trends and insights that are unique to you and your brain. On the stats page of the Eno app, you can view charts dedicated to teaching you about your data: what time of day your mental effort is highest, how long you should work before taking a break, and which apps are most distracting. These actionable insights will allow you to experiment with your daily routine, to find what works best for you. 

This leads us to the last step: guidance. 

3. Guidance 

By tracking how your mental fitness scores change over time, you unlock the ability to experiment with your daily habits and learn to improve your mental fitness. Eno helps you get started, by sharing mental fitness content curated by our team of neuroscience and productivity experts. 

First, Eno provides focus music designed by neuroscientists to create a sense of flow. Eno’s focus music uses data from Enophone to adapt to changes in your brain, delivering an environment that guides you towards a state of deep concentration. This is based on clinically validated technology shown to improve sustained attention by an average of 75%. You can access this music today, right in the Eno app. 

Second, Eno is building a community on Discord, where you can connect with other Eno members on their own mental fitness journeys. In this community we’ll be currating articles about mental fitness, sharing tips to help you get the most out of your Enophones, and helping connect you with resources to learn more about mental fitness. This Discord community will be launching later this month. 

Finally, Eno is creating short, actionable audio podcasts to help you learn about the science of mental fitness. Each program will focus on a specific topic – how to create a work from home environment, how to optimize your caffeine intake, how to eliminate distractions, and much more. These will be integrated right into the Eno app, so you can listen to them between your focus sessions. This feature will be launching later in 2022.

This content will help guide you on your mental fitness journey, giving insights and tools that will help you learn what works for you. Whether you’re just getting started on improving your mental fitness, or you’ve been training your brain for years, Eno will help make improving your mental fitness easy by providing clear, actionable feedback. 

If you want to join our journey, visit to get your own Enophone and start tracking your mental fitness. You can also join our community on Discord, where we share what we’re learning on our own mental fitness journeys.