Eno app v0.6

February 7, 2022 | Jacob (eno)

Hey Backers!

Welcome to 2022! We’re back with another update – the Eno team’s been working hard the last month to bring some very exciting new features to life and ship the remaining Enophones. Without further ado, let’s dive in!


We’ve received more Enophones from our factory – this month, we will be shipping to all Kickstarter backers under order #4150. Our factory has also indicated that all remaining Enophones will be shipped within 3 months.

Enowork v0.6 is also now live! You can download it at to get access to the new stats page. We intend to add more tools to help visualize and interpret your data, so please share any feedback or suggestions you have with us at!

Finally, we’d like to speak with you about productivity, mental health, and your experience with Enophone. If you’re interested in contributing your thoughts and feedback to help make Enophone better, please follow this Calendly link and book one of the 30-minute slots during February. We’re offering a $20 Amazon gift card for your time!

MacOS Monterey

Before we get started, a quick update: as of today, we are still experiencing an issue with MacOS Monterey, which is interfering with Enophone’s Bluetooth connection and preventing streaming the sensor data to the app. In the meantime, Enowork continues to work well on MacOS Big Sur and earlier versions, as well as on Windows.

Last month we shipped an Enophone to Apple’s engineers, who are working to locate the source of the problem within the OS’ Bluetooth API. They have since told us that they feel confident they’ve found the issue, and have created a patch which will resolve it. This patch is now in QA at Apple, which they are hoping to release in a future update.

As of now Apple has not shared a timeline for this release, though we are optimistic that this news means we will very soon be able to put the issue behind us. We will share more as we hear back from their team, and you’ll know as soon as it’s resolved.

Enophone Shipments

Last month we shipped Enophones to all Kickstarter backers with order number below #3900. By now you all should have received tracking numbers, and many have already received their units. If you do not have a tracking number for your order, please reach out to Oliver at and he will help coordinate.

Our factory has been working hard to ramp up production, despite slowdowns due to Chinese New Year. This month, we will be shipping Enophones to all Kickstarter backers with order numbers below #4150. You can expect to receive your tracking numbers in a few weeks, once we are able to prepare the order with our logistics company.

When your Enophone ships, it’s very important to keep an eye on your emails. There’s a high probability that the shipping company or your country’s local customs will reach out by email to coordinate payment of any VATs, duties, or local import taxes. These payments are legally required for you to receive your Enophone, and are not something we control. Failure to respond promptly may result in several months of delays, so please keep an eye on your junk mail folder!

For all our backers who ordered through Indiegogo,, and, we have some great news – our factory has given us a confident estimate that within the next 3 months all remaining Enophones will be shipped.

By next update, we expect to be able to share an accurate estimate of when all remaining Enophones will ship. We can’t wait to share this experience with you all at long last!

Enowork v0.6

On the software side, the team has been working hard to release Enowork v0.6, which adds the new stats page for visualizing trends in your data over time. The new update is now live – you can download it through the Enowork app, or by visiting!

Our vision for Enophone is to build the Fitbit for your brain, and this update brings us a big step closer. With the stats page, you’ll be able to visualize your focus score and app usage over a weekly or monthly period, to get a better sense of how you’re trending. You can use this page to identify how variables like the time of day or day of the week affect your focus, and better visualize where your time is being spent across your apps.

Download Enowork v0.6 today to try out the new stats page! 

We can’t wait to hear your feedback! We will be adding several new tools to help visualize and interpret your data in future releases, so please send us your thoughts to or comment below with suggestions!

Come meet the team!

Last year we met with several of our backers in 1 on 1 calls about productivity, mental health, and their experience with Enophone so far. These discussions were tons of fun, and hugely valuable to the team, helping us craft several game-changing features that we will be releasing in the next few months.

We’d like to do this again! If you’re interested in meeting our team, and contributing your thoughts and feedback to help make Enophone better, please follow this Calendly link and book one of the 30-minute slots during February and March. Because we know your time is valuable, we are offering a $20 amazon gift card to all participants.

If none of the availabilities fit, don’t worry – we’ll be opening more availabilities very soon. Thank you, and looking forward to meeting you!

That’s all folks!

Please comment your thoughts below, and share any suggestion, feedback, or questions with

Lots of love,

– The Eno Team

Comments on Eno app v0.6
  • Jennifer L

    My turn to get my Enophone! Super excited!!! Do I need to do anything, or will it ship to me automatically?

  • Huang

    Good to hear that there’s progress on the Monterey issue, I’m still waiting on that to be able to use mine. Really eager to get my hands on it. Is there any workaround I can try for now?

  • Mike Fray

    The stats page looks really cool. I’ve been wanting something like this for a while.

    Will there be any way to filter the data? Or add new charts? I’d love to see the ability to view my focus score along different axes, like day of the week, or a trend over time. Happy to pitch in feedback if you want it!

  • Francois

    All the units delivered in 3 months has me feeling optimistic. Thanks for giving a range this time, I prefer that to just sharing the next month’s shipments. Can’t wait to get mine.

    How should I go about updating my shipping address? I bought it through the website. Thanks.

  • Alyssa

    Booked a slot to meet the team!!! Following your updates it feels like I know you already haha

  • Tom

    Sounds like good news.

    Although my phones seem to be shipped already I don’t get them yet. But I’m looking very forward!

    One question about the software: I neither use Mac nor Windows. Do you have an estimation when it will be available either for Linux or Android?

    Thank you!

  • Jon Palmqvist

    I’ve had my headphones for quite some time but since they have a super irritating buzzing noice I hardly use them. I’ve emailed about this issue. When can I expect that you fix this?

  • Enophone liar

    More lies…. Endless lies… Don’t beleive these cheats .. Waited 4 years + and its all bullshit with good info graphics and a cple of spoof accts to make it look like someone’s received their orders….

  • Garvin Shackleton

    Looking forward to get them eventually. Yes it’s been a crazy amount of time …

  • Jan Hemphälä

    Thanks for the update. I’m really really really looking forward to trying out my two units!

    Just to set my expectations right what has normally been delivery times to Europe (Sweden)?


  • Patrick B.


    I’ve been using the enophone for couple of months now. So far i’ve noticed that after longer sessions (45+ mins) I could get some brief audio cut-outs (using it on Macbook pro 2017). After turning the headphones off and on again this cut-outs seem to disappear again.

    Another comment I would like to make is on the Enowork app. Although already very functional to track sessions in a schedule I really miss some additional experiments next the the Lab data visualization which is currently in there. I like to start using the EEG input to do other fun little things without diving in the SDK myself. Is that something that is planned and could you elaborate a little bit on what that will look like?


  • ian teh

    I contributed to this Mindset Eno phones in December 2017. I have been waiting 5 years for the headphones. Can anyone please tell me how long they have been waiting for theirs? I am so disappointed with this long wait.

  • Juergen

    I am looking for the option for acoustic feedback for when I drop out of focus – am I missing something or is it not there? Most promising feature that made me invest….

  • AA

    will after 5 years of wait I’ve kinda lost hope, another 3 months is not going to harm no one. will wait and see

  • C. L.

    Of course, I’m 17 backers too deep to receive mine yet. It is WILD that I backed this project in 2016. I hope they’re worth the wait.

  • Juergen

    So, minor update. Neurofeedback does NOT seem to work on Windows 7. Of course not in Monterey. BT connection (just for music, because there is no app whatsoever on android so far…) does get lost on my android smartphone samsung s20 fe in certain apps – may be due to android, dunno. Workaround – restart the earphone. Does suck, cause it does lose connection every single song when using youtube in firefox, e.g.

    Earphones cannot be used while charging. Charging state does not seem to be properly shown/calculated – the leds will show that enophone is still being charged although the voice in the machine itself will tell you the charging level is “100%”. Don’t know what to trust, waiting for the led to stop flashing or unplugging it time after time to hear if battery is at 100.

    So at present I cannot use the 300 EUR earphones that I got after 5 years of waiting for their real advertised functionality. Basic sound functionality does break down with the only device I am interested in music function presently, smartphone.
    The one time the connection worked on monterey – the only one session – I was not informed when I dropped out of focus. Seeing it later in a graph is not really helpful.

    Another thing driving me mad is that I can see that the product is still being sold at although it not only is not working the way it is intended to, it is not even communicated that there are problems. You only can see that enophone is still in “pre-order state”.

    All the time there was the communication that the product cannot be delivered because parts were missing – but it seemed to me that there were like 2 years or so of delivery problems that EVERYTHING ELSE should be running smoothly. So it feels like there was even more whitewashing going on. How often can you guys disappoint with just one product?

  • Rafał

    Headphones are so great, sound quality and ANC are at hi-level indeed, can’t wait for Linux/Android Enowork app 😀

  • Vincent J Lally

    Whats the latest update? its March 15 2021. You posted this on Feb 7.

  • Annoyed Linux Customer

    Please. After waiting 5 years, there is no excuse for not having the Linux app ready.

    I don’t care how beta it is. Get it released already, at least I can use them (yes, I did finally receive them – they are not useful to me anymore after so long, obviously, but I do want to try and make the most of them).

  • Jon W

    Hi! When can I expect an alpha/beta of the Linux app? Currently I can only use the Enophone noise cancellation features (which are great btw) but I’m dying to try out the real Enophone experience! Sometimes I doubt if work on the Linux app is even started, given the lack of information and that the others apps are still listed as beta. Do you have any news for me? Please?

  • Dan White

    I’m a backer from 2017. Am I ever going to get my headphones, or should I just write you off???


  • Vincent Lally

    Guys, its now April 7th. Two months since the last update. Please provide an update…

  • Jose Perez

    I will be very surprised if I end up receiving the headphones, 5 years of excuses and delays don’t keep me very positive

  • Oliver (Eno)

    Hi Jose! Please shoot us an email at and we’ll be happy to look into the status of your delivery.

  • Another Annoyed Linux Customer

    Can you please release an app for Linux or at least put it on GitHub so we can compile it manually.
    Since you don’t even have a phone app for android or apple.

  • Dave Eagle

    I’ve received my headphones! Annoyed about the lack of Linux app though. When can we expect to get something?