Everything you need to know about our EEG electrodes

June 1, 2020 | Jacob (eno)

More than just a headphone, enophone offers something unique: EEG neurotechnology. 

As with any new technology, there are questions that need answering. This post seeks to answer the basics: what is EEG or neurotechnology, how does it work, and what does it mean for me. 

What are those pins in the headphone? 

The pins you see are EEG electrodes: a sensor that lets enophone measure the electrical activity from your brain. 

Electroencephalography – EEG for short – is a technology frequently used in hospitals and labs to measure and describe brain activity. Alongside MRI and PET, EEG is one of the go-to technologies experts use to understand and measure the brain. 

EEG works by measuring the electrical potential generated by the brain. When groups of neurons (millions and millions) fire together, they produce an electrical wave that can be measured with sensitive electrodes. Using EEG electrodes and sensitive electronics, these waves can be measured at different locations on the head. 

Enophone uses 4 EEG sensors: 2 in the upper band, and 2 in the earcups. These sensors measure the brain activity over the front-parietal lobe, a region that’s involved in sustained attention. Using machine learning algorithms, we can measure how focused you are from these brain waves. Just like how most fitness bands use heart rate sensors to track your activity level, enophone uses EEG sensors to track your focus level! 

Is it safe? 

Absolutely yes. EEG technology is 100% safe to use. 

This is because the electrodes are not affecting your brain in any way. No electricity, light, or radiation is sent through the electrodes – enophone is not a brain stimulation device. Instead, EEG electrodes simply measure the electrical current that your brain naturally produces. It’s like a voltmeter – perfectly safe to use. 

Furthermore, since brainwaves are very low amplitude, the electronics in enophone operate at very low power. In fact, the sensors in enophone consume lesser energy than the Bluetooth, or the speakers! All of the electronics are placed far away from the user’s head, and undergo rigorous certification testing through several international boards. As a result, we can say proudly that enophone is just as safe as any other headphone.

Is it comfortable? 

We get this one a lot – and the answer is yes! 

The electrode pins you see in the upper band of enophone are spring-loaded, and retract into the headband when you wear it. When the headphones are in use, the weight of the pins on your head is very low – less than half the weight of a typical watch. And because the pins retract completely into the band, there’s no risk of the sensors impacting your head. 

The pins themselves are made of medical-grade gold-plated copper. They are machined to be perfectly smooth and rounded to ensure a comfortable contact. We tested dozens of shapes and sizes, to make sure that they’re comfortable to wear all day. You can rest assured – I’m wearing them as I write this, and will continue for hours!

Why do I want to measure my brain?

We set out to build enophone with a single goal: to build the perfect work headphones. 

First, this started with the basics. Fantastic HiFi audio. An comfortable design you can wear all day. Wireless Bluetooth connectivity so you can work unconstrained. Several high-quality microphones for crystal clear calls. And active noise cancelling to block out distractions. 

But more than that, we wanted to help you improve your productivity – and if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. enophone solves that problem: using EEG sensors, we allow you to measure your focus level, so that you can better understand how your attention affects your work. 

With enowork and enosound, we go a step further and give you the tools to take control of your focus. enowork offers productivity insights, and coaches you to build a habit that prioritizes deep work. enosound uses AI-generated music to get you in the zone, and trains your brain through sustained attention training – a technology shown to improve focus by 75% over 6 months. 

More than just a headphone, enophone offers something unique: EEG neurotechnology. Together these tools give you the ability to take control of your mind, and focus on what matters to you. 

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    Im very interested, however i will not buy it until you show that all your backers get their own

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