Enowork V0.4

June 4, 2021

Our latest update to the Enowork app is live!

Jacob Flood, Founder & CEO


Hey Backers!

Many of you have started receiving your headphones from Batch 3 – we couldn’t be happier to hear your excitement! The hardware team is continuing to work on shipping more units every week. We’ll share more details on timelines for Batch 4 in our next update.

For now, this is an interim post to answer some questions we’ve been getting, and add a bit of context to those who have received their Enophones.



Today we released version 0.4.0 of the Enowork app. You can download the newest version at Enophone.com/getstarted.

This update brings several major improvements:

  • Automatic tracking, so you can track your focus level without manually starting a session.
  • Updated status indicator to communicate sensor signal quality.
  • Improved UX, navigation, and aesthetics.
  • Lab page, for visualizing your data in realtime.
  • Several bug fixes, including app install issues.

Many of you received your Enophones earlier this week had issues installing and launching the app – this version should fix many of these issues. If you continue to experience issues loading the app, please contact our technical support at support@enophone.com.

We are also working on several new features for our next releases:

  • Updated onboarding, explaining how to get the most out of the app.
  • Updated database structure, for faster session stats load times.
  • New session page, with clearer access to your focus level and Enosound music.
  • New session stats to get the most out of your data.
  • New stats page, to view trends in your data over time.

As you begin exploring the app, please share with us what features you like, dislike, and would like to see in next releases by emailing hello@enophone.com!



We’ve added a dedicated customer support email to answer any technical questions about Enophone, the Enowork app, and the developer API. This contact will connect you directly with our technical team to help sort through any issues you may be having with the product.

For technical questions, please email support@enophone.com.

For any other questions about your order, changing your shipping address, or potential collaborations, please continue to email hello@enophone.com. We’re a little behind on these, so we’ll do our best to catch up with them all next week. Thank you for your patience.

We really appreciate your feedback, as it helps us improve our product and our processes. I look forward to hearing from you!



We’ve gotten a lot of questions about our iOS app, so I wanted to clarify here: the Enowork app is currently only available on desktop, not on iOS.

Enophone contains a “Made for iPhone” chip (MFi) which gives the device permission to stream EEG data to iPhones. We included this in order to allow us to build an iOS app for Enophone in the future.

Unfortunately, a side effect of this chip is that every time an Enophone is paired to an iPhone, Apple searches their database for an Eno iOS app. When no app is found, the iPhone presents a message saying that “the iOS Eno app is not available in your geography.” This notification is misleading: Eno has not released an iOS app at all, in any geography.

Our app is only available for download on desktop (Windows or MacOS). You can download it at enophone.com/getstarted. We do intend to release an app on iOS and Android, it’s simply not ready yet.

We’re working on removing the notification entirely, and eventually releasing an iOS app. Sorry about the confusion, and hope you enjoy the desktop app in the meantime!  



We’ve also gotten some questions about the status indicator, which I wanted to clarify.

We recently update the algorithm that controls the status indicator (the little black, red, orange, and green headphone icon at the top of the app). Since the update, some users have reported that the status indicator is often flickering between green, orange and red. Here’s a quick clarification about this:

Second, if the signal quality is mostly green, and occasionally flickering to orange and red, that’s good enough. We recognized that the status indicator is a bit too sensitive in this release – so long as the quality is mostly green, you will be able to accurately measure your focus during a session. We’ll fix this in our next update so you no longer need to worry about it, but in the meantime you can feel confident using the device that the data is being recorded properly.

First, it’s important to ensure the sensors (mainly the ear cup sensors) are making a good contact with your skin. Most often, bad signal quality happens when the ear cup sensors are blocked by hair. EEG sensors also take time to stabilize, and are also sensitive to noise – when judging your signal quality, ensure you’ve been wearing Enophone for at least 30 seconds, and that you aren’t moving your head abruptly. 

Finally, some users are reporting that the status indicator stays red permanently, never going orange or green. This is likely not due to the sensors, but rather a bug we found with the Bluetooth communications. You’ll know this is the case if when you visit the data visualization tool on the lab page, no data is streaming at all. In this case, we could use your help resolving this bug – please contact support@enophone.com and we’ll send instructions to share your logs with our tech team.


We hope you’re enjoying your Enophones, and the Enowork app. We’re excited that so many of you are now able to share in this. The team is working hard to ship the remaining Enophones, and to keep adding new features to improve the Enowork app.

We’ll keep you posted on our next steps in the coming updates. Lots of love!

– The Eno Team


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