Enosound focus music

Music for focus that adapts to your brain

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Music meets neuroscience

Music designed for better focus and creativity.

We partner with musicians and neuroscientists to create the perfect music for deep work. enosound reacts to real-time changes in your focus level, creating a personalized soundscape that gets and keeps you in flow.


Sustained attention training

Improve your focus. Permanently.

enosound adapts our soundscape whenever we sense you’re distracted. This feedback reinforces your brain’s sustained attention mechanism, which is clinically shown to improve your focus persistently over time. It’s like a mindfulness gym while you work.

neuro-adaptive music

Music personalized to your brain.

We monitor the effect of our music on your focus and train our AI to create the perfect environment for your deep work.

Least focused while on iMessage
Music for any mood

Choose how each session feels

You set the goal, and we help you achieve it. Choose your desired mood for each session and enosound will automatically adapt to help you achieve flow.


The eno platform

Leverage data to improve focus & productivity

Personalized to you and your brain, eno improves each and every facet of your deep work.

How it works


headphones measure your focus


music trains your focus


app tracks your focus


The perfect wireless headphones for deep work.

enophone create the perfect environment for deep work. Experience uncompromising sound quality powered by Onkyo while measuring your focus level via gold-plated EEG sensors in the band.

  • 4x EEG brain sensors
  • Active noise cancelling
  • Audio powered by Onkyo
  • Bluetooth wireless
  • All-day battery
  • Soft microfiber earcups

the enowork app

Access enosound through our app

Learn how your time working is actually spent. enowork tracks your focus level, the apps you use, and which goals you’ve accomplished. See which times of day you’re most productive.

Most productive at 11:30AM
23 day-long focus streak
Reclaim your focus.

“This productivity music is incredible. enosound gets me into that perfect headspace every time.”

Javier, eno beta tester

What’s in the box

$399 USD

• 1 pair of enophones powered by Onkyo
• Download code for the enowork app
• Access to 1 year subscription to enosound

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30 day guarantee
Free shipping
1 year warranty