enosound demo

August 19, 2020

Updates on the latest batch of units, and a demo of our enosound focus music engine!

Jacob Flood, August 19 2020

Hey Backers,

Welcome back to our video update series!

This time, we’re doing a deep dive into enosound: our neuro-adaptive focus music engine. We’ll be describing why we built it, how it works to improve your focus, and where you can demo it today. 

Enjoy the video! 



The beta units are shipped! We’ve gotten great feedback from our beta testers so far – thank you very much to everyone who volunteered to help. Our next batch of 400 units is being manufactured this month as intended, and shipped next month. 

The video below describes our enosound focus music, which leverages enophone’s brain sensing to provide focus soundscapes that sound great while training your brain’s sustained attention. Check it out to learn more! 

Make sure to share any questions or feedback in the comments, and we’ll be sure to reply. Likewise, let us know what you want to see in the next video, and we’ll keep the updates coming!

Thank you again for your support. Wishing everyone good health in these difficult times. Stay safe!

Lots of love,

– The Eno Team


  • Justin G

    That’s awesome!

    When can we download the app? Also can I use my own music while using the focus tracking?

    • jacob flood

      Hey Justin – you’ll be able to download the app from a QR code provided in the box.

      As for the music, you can absolutely listen to your own, however it won’t be neuro-adaptive 😉

  • Juan R.

    Enosound feels like it’ll be game changing. Highly recommend checking out the link they flashed to listen to the tracks, they’re pretty great.

    Can’t wait to work to enosound, listening through my enophones!

    • jacob flood

      Thanks Juan, can’t wait to get your full review!

  • Nathan

    Thanks for the update, looks great. You talked about personalization in the video and I was wondering where my data is going to be stored. Also, can I export my data easily?

    • jacob flood

      Hey Nathan – the data is stored locally on-device, as well as in our AWS cloud server.

      You’ll be able to read data directly from enophone via our API, and we’re aiming to make exporting of past data available post-launch. If ever you want to remove your data from our servers, that’s available anytime from within the app.

  • Michael Roberts

    Great update guys. Sounds like the product has come a long way, eager to get my hands on it.

    Please let me know if you need any more beta testers!

    • jacob flood

      Thanks Michael! If you want to be a beta tester, feel free to email help@enophone.com and we’ll add you to the list.

  • Jonathan

    Thank you for making the enosound subscription lifetime for backers. Glad to see you nod to the people who made this possible.

    • jacob flood

      Yessir! Thank YOU for the support

  • Dorothy Chae

    Thank you for the update! can’t wait to try them on.

    • jacob flood


  • George Ionescu


    I stopped the video immediately after 30 seconds, when you said you’ll be starting shipping by the end of September: for the last three years, I see only broken promise, after broken promise, after broken promise.

    Supposing you’re right this time, and you will be starting shipping in September, how much longer will it take to ship to all KickStarter backers’?

    How many units will you be producing each month?

    Unless I get the product I paid for by the end of November, and regardless your answers to the above, I reserve my legal right to contact the Canadian Customer Protection authorities to get my money back. I am not yet a lawyer, but you’re in breach of KickStarter contract.

    • jacob flood

      Hey George, we actually have already shipped several units to our first few backers, and are actively shipping more each month. Unfortunately, scaling production of a new technology is a very non-linear process – we’re confident in the timeline stated in the video, but I can’t give you a precise date when you’re going to receive your unit. I understand that you’re very eager, and so are we – we’ll do our best to get your unit shipped as quickly as possible!

  • Bing

    Will you be sending an email to folks who will be receiving the units to make sure the addresses are correct and provide tracking of packages?

    • jacob flood

      Yes we will! Keep an eye on your inbox, because we won’t ship the units without address confirmation 🙂

  • Elias

    This product has come a long way! I cannot wait to receive my unit so that I can begin my deep-work sessions. This should really be a game-changer for me, as I will be going through study sessions that last several hours in the near future. Keep up the great work!

    • jacob flood

      We can’t wait either – thank you again for the support! 😀

  • Akira

    I’m really glad you guys are including the lifetime subscription for those that pre-bought/contributed to the campaign. Can’t wait. As always, do you guys have an update on the timeline and release? I know you have to sift through the feedback from the beta-testing but can you give us a rough idea?

    • jacob flood

      Hey Akira – the next batch of 400 is in production and will be shipping our in September. After that, we have another purchase order for 2600 more that will be shipping on a rolling basis, but I don’t want to commit to a guaranteed delivery date before we have more info. We’ll keep you posted with each batch!

  • Patrick

    I the initial phase of the headphone development availability of an SDK to work with the metrics received from the headset (EEG) was discussed. Will this still be part of the offering ? If so, some video content on how the SDK can be used (e.g with Python) would be nice to see.

    • jacob flood

      Hey Patrick! Absolutely – we’re going to start with a Python API to stream raw data directly from the device. We’ll add more processing tools and walkthroughs over time, but for now we’re happy to point you to resources to get started on processing using open source tools.

  • Boris Brodski


    Aren’t you a bit to tough on this? The “promise” I would rather consider more like sharing of the plan. And any plan can workout or not. Considering disruptive nature of the product and current COVID pandemic I’m very pleased with the progress, at least in the last half year.

    Moreover personally I would like to get a unit from one of the latest batches, since they constantly improving the quality of the phones.

    Anyway, I hope you will get your unit before going to the loyer. I would love them spend thier time improving firmware, apps and AI rather then meeting with the loyers and preparing for the court. Please.

  • Hans van Veen

    Yeah, lifetime subscription to Eno Sound! Question: how do you know if you are part of the first 400 badge?

    • jacob flood

      There’s no easy dashboard for that unfortunately – we’ll send you an email in the coming weeks if you’re in the next batch!

  • Scott

    Hi when can I expect mine. I believe I was one of the first to order. Thanks

    • jacob flood

      Hey Scott – you’ll likely be in the next batch, which should finish manufacturing in ~2-3 weeks. You should receive it by end of September!

  • Todd

    When can we expect our reward as an initial backer?

  • Jacqueline Delage

    Congratulations on your perseverance! Great presentation! Really happy about the lifetime subscription to Eno sound! I hope I am in the first 400 orders! Can’t wait to receive my unit!

    • jacob flood

      Thanks for the kind words Jackie! Can’t wait to ship your unit 😀

  • Professor John Amaral

    DItto re SDK

  • Gavin

    Intriguing as always. Silly question, any chance I’ll be able to “think” “skip to the next track” and enophones will make that happen? 🙂

    • jacob flood

      Haha! Not silly – technically this is possible. I worked with a team long ago that was able to isolate 2-3 orthogonal trained neural states from low-sensor dry EEG. Usually, they would train it to recognize “yes” or “no” and use it to try and communicate with people with locked in syndrome.

      The caveat is that the accuracy isn’t great – you often get high rates of false positive. So training it to “skip tracks”, you might have it work when you want it to, but also activate once every ~10 minutes randomly when you don’t. That’s fine for yes/no communication, since you can just ask the question several times and average, but not great for our use case. Not to mention it takes many, many hours to train the algorithms to recognize these states for you specifically.

      All that to say: technologically possible, but we won’t be building it 😛 However, with our API, feel free to give it a shot and let us know what you get!

  • Tamás

    Nice to hear that the beta units are shipped and indeed rather strange at the same time as well, as I applied to be beta tester on the very first day you made it possible and never got an answer from you. Who exactly are your beta testers and how many of them do you have? I was backer no. 1029 back in 2017, a solid 3 (three) years ago. When can I expect to get my headphones according to your actual plans? I think this is a quite simple and plain question, I’m expecting a similar simple and plain answer. Thanks a lot.

    • jacob flood

      Hey Tamás! Since we received >400 requests for beta testing, we had to be selective. We didn’t work chronologically for the beta testing – my cofounder was looking for very particular customer profiles, and ended up prioritizing kickstarter backers primarily.

      We’re shipping 400 units this month, and 2600 following that, so it’s likely you’ll get your unit in the next few months.

  • Anthony G.

    Thanks for the update and glimpse on enosound application. I hope this is really the final steps to deliver to backer and pre-orders, so we could eventually start using the hardware and play with biofeedback. Software could always be finished and updated down later as you receive more feedback from beta testers, first backers, etc

    • jacob flood

      That’s the plan – can’t wait to ship you yours! 😀

  • Zander

    I changed my apartment, when you will ask again for the addresses, where to send the eno

  • Fux

    Isn’t an alert by definition conscious? In the paper you present the self-alert training happens consciously (it says ‘volitional’ in the title), how does it work subconsciously in your product?
    “.. your sustained attention mechanism that is the part of your brain responsible for keeping you focused.. “, never heard of that part of the brain..

    You can measure focus, fatigue and motivation from two EEG electrodes?! Wow that’s a Nobel prize right there! Or at least a substantial DARPA contract.

    But I understand that it would defeat the purpose to tell your customers that it’s just placebo, and instead string together a bunch of neuroscience sounding words 😉

    • jacob flood

      Lots of questions here!

      Correct – each alert triggers a state of meta-awareness, which is itself a conscious process. This is shown to strengthen the sustained attention mechanism, which is an unconscious mental process. Sorry if this wasn’t clear, or was incorrectly described.

      Sustained attention is a name given the a part of the noradrenaline pathway responsible for maintaining attention on a single goal-oriented task. It’s often referred to as vigilance. There’s lots of literature if you google, but here’s a good start: https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/psychology/sustained-attention

      I don’t think a Nobel prize is in order, we work with many labs that have been able to do this for years using wet electrodes. We’re also using 4 electrodes, not 2. I’m not very interested in a DARPA contract, but maybe that’s just the Canadian in me 🙂

      Consumer EEG and time-series pattern recognition algorithms have come a long way in the past decade!

  • Fux

    Hahaha Gavin that is a silly question, ofc not, you’re lucky if the headphones can detect whether their on your head or on a grapefruit!

    • jacob flood

      We haven’t tried your grapefruit experiment yet, but I’ll let you know what comes of it 😉

  • Mattias W

    Will you also have a mindfullness program? The same principle should apply

    • jacob flood

      Hey Mattias – we’re working on something! However it won’t be ready at launch – we want to make sure we get it right first. However, from experience, meditating with enosound playing in the background is an interesting experience!

  • Felipe

    well, to be far, I think the lifetime subscription should be available to all ks backers. There are 3.8k people waiting more than 3 years to get the headphones.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Felipe, sorry if it wasn’t clear: everyone who pre-ordered will receive the lifetime subscription to enosound!

  • Eivind

    You mention in the replies above that you are shipping 400 units this month, and 2600 following that. I’m backer 4336. Can I expect a product within the next three-four months, or should I expect it to take more time?

    Really looking forward to recieving the product as the soon-to-arrive awesome headset has become a running joke at work

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Eivind – that’s definitely the goal, baring any issues in the production of those first 3000 units.

      I know the feeling! We’re working hard to make sure that in the end it’s worth it 🙂

  • Stephanie A Stone

    This sounds to be a fabulous investment and I can’t wait to receive mine. As an older veterans with a tramatic brain injury, I’m looking forward to testing it in everyway possible. Thanks for the update.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Can’t wait to get your feedback Stephanie!

  • Antonio R.

    hello, is it safe for the brain in long term?

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Antonio – absolutely! Enophone and Enosound are completely passive – no electricity is being sent to your brain. EEG’s been safely used in labs around the world for decades, and like the sensors in your smartwatch they won’t cause any longterm damage.

  • Moris

    Why just the “first” 400? Considering that the ones making this come through have been patiently waiting for over 3 years, you should consider making the lifetime subscription available for all the KS backers.

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Moris, sorry if I wasn’t clear – ALL backers who preordered will receive the lifetime subscription to enosound!

  • Carol Johnson

    Still waiting for a reply to my original reply to this post… Jacob Flood, why will you reply to all others but not my questions?

    • Jacob (eno)

      @Carol I tend to work through comments platform-by-platform, and simply hadn’t gotten to those on the Kickstarter page yet. I’ve replied over there!

  • Rafal Rakowski

    Great to hear that.
    Manny Backers waits for their headphones more than like for the new iPhone 😛
    Best wishes 🙂

  • Derek

    Can you confirm you will be requesting shipping address before shipments? I have moved multiple times since this journey began three years ago. Thanks.

  • Bryan kay

    Hey backed on Indiegogo years ago with another email, can you help find the order?

  • Derek

    Any updates on September shipments? Really need a pair of headphones. It is late September, and not a word about any further shipments from what I have been able to see. I think all of us just want some level of communication / honesty. If you aren’t going to ship any units in September, just let us know.

  • Ronnie

    When are you guys going to do another update?

  • Christopher Knight

    Hi Jacob – finally can see some light at the end of the tunnel and getting excited now. I am backer 54 on Indigogo when should I be expecting delivery?
    Also are you considering upgrading Bluetooth to 5.0?

  • John T

    Has anyone actually got their headphones yet?

  • Dhin Cardoso

    Hello! I’m very excited to finally see it in action – although I already graduated in the studies I bought the Mindset for – I still studying for various personal projects and my work do demand a lot of concentration.

    It was a long road since January 2017 and as a product manager I know how challenging it could become.

    But I have a doubt – first and most important: Could you confirm my name in the backers list? And which position I am? I had a problem in the payment and ended up paying through Bakerkit not by KS – I backed a 3-student-pack.

    Second – as long as its difficult to predict how many units such dinamic workflow can produce, what is the expected quantity? For exemple: If 400 units is expected per month would I (the backer number 4k) will be the last one to receive after 10 months of production?

    • Jacob (eno)

      Hey Dhin, thanks for reaching out (and for the kind words of support!)

      I’ve confirmed your pledge is alive and well on backerkit. We will be charging credit cards for backerkit over the next weeks (I’ll provide details for updating your info in the next update soon).

      Our first batch was 100 beta units, and our next batch is 400, but we will ramp up from then. We’ve already placed an order for the subsequent batch, which will be ~2600 units. So it won’t be linear, and won’t take 10 months

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    Good Luck for the upcomingupdate. Thiss article is really very interesting and effective.

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    • Jacob Flood

      Thanks! 🙂

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