Experience the world’s most advanced mental fitness tracker
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$300 annually
  • Includes one Enophone
  • Keep your Enophone forever
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  • Includes one Enophone
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What’s included

Experience the world’s most advanced mental fitness tracker, and a premium noise cancelling headphone, all in one.
Eno app
Get unlimited access to the data, insights, and mental fitness content that make Eno the ultimate performance coach.
Eno community
Connect with a global network of members on their own mental fitness journeys to help you stay motivated and inspired.


What is included in my membership?

Your Eno membership includes one Enophone, access to the Eno community across all platforms, and access to the Eno app for tracking and improving your mental fitness. Eno is continually adding new features and functionality directly to the app with no need to buy new hardware.

Why is Eno a membership?

The Eno membership provides a lower-cost way for customers to try our advanced mental fitness tracker without a high upfront cost. Eno also believes in continuing to deliver new features, analytics, and benefits, and a membership model allows us to continue investing in the best possible customer experience.

What is the return policy for the Eno membership?

Eno membership orders can be returned within 30 days, starting from the day you receive your order, by emailing hello@enophone.com. View Terms and Conditions for more details.

When does my membership start?

Your Eno membership starts when you pair your Enophone to your Eno app account, or 30 days after your Enophone is shipped.

Thousands of happy customers

Hear what people are saying about Enophone
Alejandro |
Investment banker
I was an early beta tester of Eno when the app was first launched, and since then I've probably used my Enophone for over 2,500 hours over the last two years. I've gotta say that I'm a believer. Just wearing my Enophones now puts me right in the zone, and I can work for hours straight without getting distracted, which was impossible for me before Eno.
Norma |
UX Designer
Tracking my brain data has really helped me create better habits that work for me. It's really motivating to track it each day.
Jim |
Software developer
I am using Enophone everyday across all my devices and what I especially like is the noise cancellation that allows me to perfectly focus and work on the train or plane, plus they are really comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
Donny |
Marketing manager
I'm an original Kickstarter backer and ordered two when they first came out. I absolutely love my Enophones and can't work without them!! It's like a Fitbit for your brain! The app has gotten better and better with each update too. Being productive is so much easier and the app gives really valuable insights. Thanks so much.
Angela |
The neuro-adaptive music is amazing! I've tried all kinds of focus music apps and Eno's music takes the cake. It feels like it always knows just what mood I need to get in the right state of mind for whatever I'm working on. I've listened to them for hundreds of hours and it always feels new, which is wild and unlike any other music playlist I've tried.
Samir |
Software engineer
Enophone is honestly the best headphone I've owned. The sound quality is amazing and the noise cancelling is better than any of the other headsets I've bought from Sony, Sennheiser, and Apple.
Track your mental fitness like never before.

The smartest productivity tool. Period.

Enophone collects a wealth of powerful data about your mental health and productivity. Eno turns this into actionable insights you can use to get more out of each day.

Identify when your mind's at its peak, and which tasks are the most demanding.

Learn when your mind is ready to work, and when it's better to take a break.

Visualize your biggest distractions, and see where your time is truly being spent.

Experience personalized focus music designed by neuroscientists to get you in the zone.

Level up your meditation with real-time feedback personalized to your brain.

Your mental fitness journey starts with 3 scores.

Everyone's brain is different. Enophone's sensors track 3 daily scores that will guide you to optimize your mental performance.


Mental effort

Track the cognitive demands of your tasks, to learn when and how you work best.



Track your mental fatigue, to decide whether you should take a break.



Track your level of focus, to identify your biggest distractions.

Never compromise on quality

The perfect headphones for work.

We partnered with high-end audio expert Onkyo-Pioneer to craft a world-class headphone, built to help you do your best work.

Never compromise on quality

The perfect headphones for work.

We partnered with high-end audio expert Onkyo-Pioneer to craft a world-class headphone, built to help you do your best work.

Designed for all-day use

Microfiber earcups stay cool over time, and soft memory foam distributes pressure evenly for incredible comfort. Durable aluminum construction and premium fabrics ensure that Enophones will stand the test of time.

Research-grade brain sensors

Enophone integrates 4 research-grade brain sensors. This clinically validated technology provides a safe and comfortable way to track your mental fitness during the day.

Crisp, powerful audio Powered by Onkyo

4-microphone hybrid Active Noise Cancellation attenuates up to 32dB of background noise, while APTX offers lossless audio quality for your music. All tuned to perfection by high-fidelity audio experts at Onkyo-Pioneer.

All the features you can't live without

Experience crystal clear voice calls thanks to Qualcomm Clear Voice Capture technology. You'll never miss a beat thanks to high-bandwidth Bluetooth 5, and all-day battery that will keep going as long as you do.

Tech specs

In the box
USB-C charging cable
3.5 mm AUX cable
Eno app download link
4x gold-plated EEG sensors
250 hz sampling rate
3.5 mm stereo AUX
USB-C charging
Audio control buttons
Aluminum construction
Memory foam cushions
Microfiber fabrics
Premium audio
40 mm, 16 Ohm drivers
Powered by Onkyo
Active noise cancellation
Transparency mode
Qualcomm Clear Voice Capture
Bluetooth 5.0
920 mAh capacity
12+ hours of continuous use
Lithium-ion technology
195 x 208 x 85 mm
7.7 x 8.2 x 3.3 in
370 g

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