The perfect noise-cancelling headphones for deep work.

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Focus made easy

We designed enophone with a singular goal: Create the world’s most perfect noise-cancelling headphones for deep work. But the results are so much more than that.

Best in class

Uncompromising audio experience

We partnered with high-end audio pioneers Onkyo to craft a truly world-class audio experience.

  • Audio powered by Onkyo
  • APT-X and Qualcomm cVc enabled
  • Microfiber ear cushions
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Sound signature by ONKYO
Notifications turned off

Pure isolation

Create your own perfect work environment.

enophone's active noise cancelling blocks distractions so you can focus on what matters. high-bandwidth Bluetooth and all-day battery life will keep you in flow.

  • Four-microphone hybrid active noise cancellation

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • All-day battery life

Deep tech

Headphones X Neurotechnology

enophone’s sensors measure electrical activity in your brain and heart. Tracking your focus level, productivity habits, and brain health is as easy as wearing our comfortable headphones.

  • 4 gold-plated EEG brain sensors
  • Track your attention, mind wandering, fatigue, and more
  • Access your brain data via our developer API
Spring-loaded EEG pins

The eno platform

eno uses data to improve your focus.

Personalized to you and your brain, eno improves each and every facet of your deep work.

How it works

music meets neurotech

Music designed for better focus and creativity.

We partner with musicians and neuroscientists to create the perfect concentration music for work. enosound reacts to real-time changes in your focus level, creating a personalized soundscape that gets and keeps you in flow.

  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling
  • Bluetooth Wireless
  • All-day Battery

The enowork app

Uncover patterns in your daily routine.

Learn how your time working is actually spent. enowork tracks your focus level, the apps you use, and which goals you’ve accomplished. See which times of day you’re most productive.

Most productive at 11:30AM
23 day-long focus streak

enophone are a game changer. I finally figured out how to stay focused at work."

Marc, eno beta tester

What’s in the box

$399 USD

• 1 pair of enophones powered by Onkyo
• Download code for the enowork app
• Access to 1 year subscription to enosound

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