Enophone demo

July 15, 2020 | Jacob (eno)

Hey Backers!

Welcome back to our video update series!

Following up on your comments from the last video, this time we’ll be going through a demo of the new enophone hardware. We’re VERY excited to be able to share this with you – I hope you enjoy the video as much as we did.

Without further ado, enjoy!


The latest batch has arrived in Montreal, and will be shipping to beta testers over the next few days. Stay tuned to your emails for an address confirmation email from us. The timeline for the next batch hasn’t changed: August production, and shipping on a rolling basis.

The video below goes through an unboxing of the latest enophone hardware. Let us know if you have any questions about the headphones, and what you want to see in our next video!

Make sure to share any questions of feedback in the comments, and we’ll be sure to reply. Likewise, let us know what you want to see in the next video, and we’ll keep the updates coming!

* * * * *

Thank you again for your support. Wishing everyone good health in these difficult times. Stay safe!

Lots of love,

– The Eno Team

Comments on Enophone demo
  • Raphael

    Looks Amazing! Can’t wait. =)

    I was wondering how long is the battery lasting? I want to be using the device all day at work.

  • Henry

    Wow, seeing all the units together at the end is crazy exciting! The voice mic feature sounds pretty cool too. really pumped to get mine.

    In the next video can we see a similar breakdown of the software?

  • Richard D.

    Hi Jacob,

    The product looks great and I can’t wait to test it. I applied to be a beta tester — will I be hearing back from you guys soon?

  • Francois

    Amazing! The design looks great and pretty heavy duty. Incredibly sleek as well plus I cant wait to hear how they sound.
    Best of luck with the next batch and I’m super excited for the next steps.

  • Cyrille Jegu

    Looking forward to FINALLY receiving my ENO headphones purchased over 3 years ago!

  • Moises

    Much better!! Headphone looks great. Hopefully next update we get some insight into enowork and enosound.

    Never got an email regarding beta testers, have you guys followed up yet?

  • Jonathan

    Way to kill the unboxing and review videos before the product is even out the door!
    jk, that’ll happen anyways.

    I’d like to see more details about the app and how it visualizes focus and the effect music and different kinds of sounds have on brain waves. Obviously this will be different for everyone, but I think it’d be cool to see what we have to look forward to on the app side.

  • Elias

    This product has left me in awe in many respects. The design is smooth, aesthetically appealing and clean. It looks just as good, if not better, than all of the other high-end premium bluetooth headphones on the market. The build of the headphone (sensors, microphones etc.) has primed this device to be the ultimate productivity headphone. I can’t wait to receive mine, this product seems like it will be worth the wait!!!

  • Simon

    Wondering if the clips at the beginning and end of you wearing the headphones were recorded using the mic on the headphones? What’s the sound quality?

  • mike

    Looking very good, I don’t want to have to wait to try them

  • Ivan Handler

    What kind of reports do you expect to deliver based on the data you are collecting?

  • Sebastian

    Honestly speaking. Compared to the designs which we were initially sold on. These look too heavy, chunky and big. Pretty disappointed to be honest. The original design was so sleek, not these.

  • Fabio Romano

    As always – 4 yrs long wait’ng the good smell of the opening box!
    Keep the good work.

  • Krishan Koenig

    Looks really promising. I d like to see a Demo of the Software you provide for the eno phone.

  • Graham McKenzie

    Is there a way to change your delivery address as I’ve moved since purchasing this?

  • Spencer

    It has been a while for sure… I’ve often wondered if this was ever going to happen… do we have a tentative ship date?

  • louis orloff

    Yes. It would be a cooler demo if the software was displayed along with it.

  • Chris

    When you say “computer” can that also mean “phone”?

  • Roy Horan

    Are you shipping to your original Kickstarter backers first? I have seen lots of advertising on Instagram and elsewhere. I would hope you ship backers first since we have been waiting for years.

  • Michael Burkhead

    I’m very curious how this will work on someone who is bald without getting hot spots from the things touching on my head? Am I going to have to reposition these often to avoid having “puncture” marks on my head? What is the design philosophy to having the device have the electrodes where they are? What about the rest of your brain sections?

  • Bernard

    Hi, great update. One thing you may want to consider is “Auto On/Auto Off” software feature that takes input from the sensors. The headphones have a clear benefit of knowing if it is on the users head or not… that could do a few things such as:
    1. Auto play / stop music etc…
    2. If off for more then X seconds turn off automatically instead of relying on someone to push the off-button
    3. This is harder but auto-on… if this can be done with low-power?

    Thoughts? Looks great!


  • Beth

    It would be great to Finally GET these headphones that I paid for three years ago….there are multiple similar possibly better products on the market and your product has not been delivered.

  • Gordon Sanders

    Same for me as well Cyrille!! I am looking forward to receiving!!!

  • Ray

    When will is actually ship out to Kickstarter backers.
    I has been almost 4 years now.
    Product sounds and looks great.
    Will it ever be produced and shipped to paying customers?

  • Theo

    Can’t wait for it to arrive although i was wondering if in the next video you could do a design of what the electrodes do to our brain. How the noise cancelling works.

  • Jacob (eno)

    Great suggestions! Thanks Theo

  • Susan

    Enophone will only be as good as its software. (If the software isn’t any good, these are just pricey wireless headphones.) Hope the many years-long production delay has allowed you to perfect the software in the meantime, but it’s concerning that you’ve never discussed the app at any length or demo-ed it in your long series of updates. Please get the Eno app into Apple store, Android, etc. as soon as possible so ever-patient backers can have a look while waiting for product to arrive. Thanks.

  • Jacob (eno)

    The Enowork app will be the subject of a future update! Gotta keep at least a couple features secret 😉

  • Antoinette Nijs - de Boer

    It looks good, but in the next video I would like to see the connection with the computer or IPad or phone. Does it works on IOS and Android ?
    Could you also give A demonstration of how it works now in the computer. Thank you Antoinette

  • Jacob (eno)

    Thanks for the suggestion! 😀

  • Professor John Amaral

    is wired and bluetoofh eeg a simultaneous option?

  • David

    Thank you for the update.
    I beleive many people can’t wait to get their headphones.

    However, I would like to ask that you kindly explain why you put the reference EEG electrodes in front of the ears rather than the mastoids.
    Also, please let us know more on the reliability of distraction detection.

    I have been doing EEG research during my PhD and I believe the position you chose will capture too much noise from the jaw muscles and likely eye movements.
    This will dwarf the signal from the scalpe, let alone the noise caused by the high impedance that dry electrodes mostly incur.
    It’s difficult to believe that the signal will be of good quality and the distraction detection will be reliable.

  • Jacob (eno)

    Great catch!

    The decision was primarily ergonomic – we found we could get a much more reliable contact in front of the ear, where bone structure differences across culture are smaller.

    As a result, we did several tests to ensure this would be adequate. What we found was that when users clench their jaw, the noise profile was nearly identical in front of the ear versus behind. This is not surprising, as the amplitude of muscle activity trumps EEG signal. Our data suggested that the SNR was identical in both cases, giving confidence that we can safely place the electrodes here.

    And who knows – maybe there will be interesting EMG applications to be had in parallel! 😉

  • Troy Beck

    I’m excited? to get the headphones I purchased almost 5 years ago…

  • Troy

    I’m excited? to get the headphones I purchased almost 5 years ago…

  • Jan Van Moorsel

    Hello Jacob – looking forward to receiving the headphones. Have been waiting for a long long time.

  • Jacob (eno)

    Looking forward to sharing Jan! 😀

  • Steven Stein

    In the original Kickstarter video, the person gets an audio cue (i.e, a ping) when he/she loses focus. Is that still true with the product in production. Also in the original video, there were three electrodes on the part of the headphones that goes on top of the head (that connects the speakers.). Is that still true? If not, what are the benefits of only two? What’s the downside of removing the electrode at the top of the head?

    Very nicely done new video. So great to see that after a longer than expected wait time to receive the product, we are almost there. Can you share with a date that I absolutely will get my Enophone by?

    Thanks and congrats!


  • Jacob (eno)

    Great questions! The audio ping features has been replaced with enosound, which you can read about in our latest update:
    The removal of the 5th ‘Cz’ electrode we discussed previously – we ran an analysis on the data and found this electrode was significantly redundant with the other two electrodes. We found that optimizing for a better fit of 2 electrodes yielded better signal (and better comfort) versus including the 3rd sensor.
    We don’t have any guaranteed dates yet, but you can check out latest update for a progress report. Thanks again for the support!

  • Luis Teles

    Any expectations about shipping? I backed this project in 2017

  • ปั้มไลค์

    Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

  • Shigetaka Mori

    Where are Mindset?
    I heard enophone at first today.
    What happen!!!

  • Jacob (eno)

    Eno is the new branding for Mindset Headphones! You can read our announcement here:

  • Tom

    I am curious, to get the benefit from the headphones, does it require software to be installed on a computer? I’m primarily interested in using this in the workplace and have no permissions to change my computer at all, install/run programs.

  • Jacob (eno)

    For now it will, but we’re looking for workarounds for the future!

  • iPsych

    Hello, does the device support real-time streaming of raw EEG data in MacOS?
    Like api or SDK?

  • Jacob (eno)

    Yes indeed – you’ll be able to stream raw data directly from the device using our python API!

  • Bruno

    Well no excitement here to be honest… I’m not even reading or going through the videos (that i voted not to be done, specially now with Covid that we spend hours with a headset already)
    To the point, are we going to get them in 2020?

  • Jacob

    Totally understand. The short and sweet is that we’ve shipped 100 units, we’re shipping another 400 in a couple weeks, and we have 2600 more coming in our next batch ~6-8 weeks after that!