Coming Soon…

June 15, 2022 | Jacob (eno)

Hey Everyone! 

We wanted to share an update on our progress with Enophone shipments, updates to the Enowork app, and let you know about something incredible coming soon next week for Eno. Let’s dive in! 

Enophone shipments 

We mentioned in our last update that as of today, we have shipped all outstanding Enophone pre-orders! 

If you have not yet received your Enophone pre-order or tracking number, it means that we need you to update your shipping information. Please follow the instructions on this page to update your shipping information, after which we will ship your Enophone. 

A quick note to all backers: your Enophones may require payment of import duties or taxes to receive the product. Failure to pay the required fees within a few weeks of Customs receiving the product will result in delays, or even the product being destroyed. Please keep an eye on your tracking information, and consult this article if you have any questions about the order status. 

Enowork v0.6.2

Version 0.6.2 of the Enowork app is now live! You can download the update through your Enowork client, or at

This update introduces major improvements to our status indicator, updates to Enosound music on Windows, as well as several minor bug fixes. V0.6.2 is also our first version with backwards compatibility to MacOS 10.13+, for those running older operating systems. For the best experience, we highly recommend you upgrade to the newest client. 

If you have any issues with this version, we want to hear from you. Please check out our newly updated support guide at, and reach out at to share your feedback!

Coming soon…

Over the last year, the Eno team has been working on something massive: we’re releasing our first major version update to the Enowork app. 

This update is the culmination of our last 5 years of learnings and research, building on feedback from our thousands of users. We’re incredibly excited to share this update, that we believe will define the future of Eno moving forward. 

And of course: the update will be completely free to all of our users. 

Enophone collects a wealth of powerful data. What will you learn from it?

We can’t wait to share this next step with you all. Join us next week, as we unveil the future of Eno. 

Meet the Eno team! 

We are opening up several more slots over the coming weeks to meet the Eno team!

Earlier this year, we met with several of our backers in 1 on 1 calls to discuss productivity, mental health, and their experience with Enophone so far. These discussions were tons of fun, and hugely valuable to our team, helping us craft several game-changing features that we will be releasing very soon.

We’d like to do this again! If you’re interested in meeting the Eno team, and contributing your thoughts and feedback to help make Enophone better, please follow this Calendly link and book one of the 30-minute slots during June or July. Because we know your time is valuable, we are offering $20 for your time. 

If none of the availabilities fit, please don’t hesitate to reach out by email to and we’ll try and arrange some time. We want to speak with as many of you as possible, to help us make Enophone better for you!

As always, lots of love, 

– The Eno Team