Brand Backer Update

Hey Backers!

Thank you all for the feedback on our branding – we’re making changes day-by-day, and your suggestions and bug-finding have been very helpful.

This update will be quick. We got a few questions about enosound that we thought deserved additional clarification in a more general followup post, rather than individually in the comments.


Our new branding made mention to enosound, our new focus music subscription. Read on, or visit our enosound and how it works pages to learn more.

To clarify: all backers will indeed receive a lifetime subscription to enosound.

 1. We’ve never heard of enosound – what is it, and how does it work

We like to think of enosound as the perfect focus music.

We worked with a team of neuroscientists, composers, and adaptive music engineers to create soundscapes that are optimized to get your brain into a state of flow. We referred to this early on as neuro-adaptive music.

 Enosound is the result of several years of hard work by the app team, with the goal of creating the perfect environment for focus. It offers several key benefits over traditional ambient music:

First, it was designed with the sole purpose of enabling better focus. We did a deep dive into the literature on the neural effects of music (which we’ll publish eventually) and found several key parameters that are shown to influence the arousal and attention systems in the brain. As a result, you can be sure with each track that you’ll be creating a great environment to work.

Second, enosound is personalized to your brain. As you work, and as enophone measures your focus level, enosound uses this data to learn what effect the music has on your focus. We use that data to tune the sound, and personalize the music to optimize for your focus. Whether that means more intensity, a stronger rhythm, or less complex melodies, enosound will learn over time to create the right environment for your productivity.

Finally, enosound delivers sustained attention training while you work. This is similar to what we originally described in our campaign: whenever you get distracted, the music will change, signaling to your subconscious that your attention has shifted. We worked with one of the foremost experts in attention research to incorporate sustained attention training into enosound, to improve your focus permanently while you listen.

You can learn more about the science on our how it works page, where we link to articles on sustained attention training. And as always, keep an eye on the blog for future posts about this new product!

2. Why is only 1 year of enosound included in the bundle? What about early backers?

As we started alpha testing enosound, we realized how much of a game changer it is. It’s clear to us that enosound – and neuro-adaptive content more generally – is the future of biosensing.

In parallel, it’s also the case that hosting and producing the content for enosound, unlike enophone and enowork, necessitates ongoing expenses to run. As a result, we feel it fair to offer enosound as a premium subscription, alongside the core offering of enophone and enowork. This way, we can continue investing heavily into adding and refining the content in enosound, alongside our neurotechnology. Currently, the eno bundle combines a 1-year subscription of enosound with a purchase of the headphones.

In our previous post, we mentioned that backers will get full access to the platform. To clarify: all backers will receive a lifetime subscription to enosound, and full access to enowork. We made a commitment to deliver an incredible product to our backers, and appreciate the feedback and support you’ve offered in helping us get there. Our intention is to deliver the best experience possible, and that includes full access to our platform.

*     *     *

We’re working hard on the next batch of units – we’re received the parts, and are currently in pre-assembly. We’ll share more details in our next update about when beta testers can expect to receive their units.

Until then, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and we’ll follow up!

Lots of love,

The eno team

***What follows is the previous update, sent on May 2 2020 ***

Hey Backers!

As some of you may have noticed, we recently updated our company’s branding. With this change came a new name: eno. As is typical, we wanted to give you a little behind-the-scenes look into the change, and answer a few questions we’ve been getting.


We’ve updated our branding, and changed our website. You can now follow us at, and view our monthly updates at!

Rest assured that nothing’s changed with your preorders – we’re still on the same schedule, and are prioritizing getting your units above all else. In addition to the headphones, you’ll now be getting access to our entire platform, including two new software products: enowork, and enosound Check it out on our new site!


Q1: what’s changed?

In short: we have a new look! While the headphones are still the same, we’ve redesigned our website, updated the pictures to reflect the final product, and tweaked every facet of how we describe ourselves.

To start, our new website is now We’re working on redirecting the domain of to point to the new site, but this may take a few days to update. If you need to reach us, emails sent to domains will still be received, and emails sent to domains will be possible in the coming days.

More precisely, the biggest changes to our branding are twofold:

First, we’ve updated our product offering to reflect the progress we’ve made on the software over the past years. Our two offerings, enowork and enosound, are ages ahead of what we had build when we launched our first campaign. Being so close to shipping our first product, we felt it was time to properly unveil these tools to the world, and share what we’ve been working so hard on for the last years.

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Second, we’ve changed our company name from Mindset to Eno. With the new products mentioned above, we struggled to fit them in our existing branding. To date, Mindset has referred to both our product and our company. As we added our app and music platform, we felt it was time to refresh the way we speak about these tools: as an ecosystem, rather than simply a headphone. This meant a new language, which started with the name.

Eno embodies the focus and simplicity we had always intended. Literally “one” backwards, it conveys our desire to help you prioritize and focus on the one thing that truly matters in any moment – whatever that may be. We’re very excited about this new direction, and are glad to finally be able to share it with you all.

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Q2: What does this mean about our pre-orders?

Nothing’s changed! Our priority has always been, and remains shipping you a fantastic product, and we’re doing everything we can to do so as promptly as possible. Our timeline has not changed since last update, and despite the recent delays due to COVID-19 we are prioritizing getting your orders out as soon as possible above all else.

This new branding is not orthogonal to that goal. Beyond the shipment of our first product, we intend to continue supporting, refining, and innovating on this product to add more functionality, and create a better experience for you all. This, naturally, will require that we continue to sell more products to more customers, to fund the R&D required to create these new experiences, and run the servers for the existing ones. As a result, we need to begin testing our marketing messaging as early as possible. You may notice advertising starting again as we target new customers while shipments are getting ready. Overall this is good news: it means we’re getting ready to ship to you, and later to even more people.

We strongly believe in our mission to help the world reclaim their attention, and focus on the things that matter. We’ve been honoured by your support throughout this adventure. We’ve also been humbled by the incredible struggle we’ve had in manufacturing our product, and fully acknowledge the frustration we’ve all felt. This experience has been a significant learning process for us, and we hope that we’ve been able to share some of that learning with you.

In response, we’ve also experienced incredible positivity. We’ve spoken to many of you 1 on 1 about your struggles with focus, and shared our own journey as well. We’ve received an incredible amount of support and encouragement from many of you that truly believe in the mission we’re striving for. Engaging with you in this way has been the most rewarding part of this process, and we’re forever grateful for the love that you’ve shared.

As we more towards shipping our first product, and scaling up our marketing efforts, we ask that you continue to share this positivity. Your comments, messages, and feedback mean the world to us, and will genuinely help us in our goal of building a community around focus and productivity, where we can all benefit and continue to grow.

*  * *

Thank you all again for the support – we look forward to getting you feedback on the new branding in the comments!

We’ll be posting our next months update in the coming weeks. Until then, lots of love!

The eno team