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November update

Enowork v0.5, and shipping more Enophones!

October update

Enophone batch 5, Enowork v0.4.4, and next steps for the product!

August update

Shipping batch 4, and exciting new features in Enowork!

Enowork V0.4

Our latest update to the Enowork app is live!

May update

The latest news about Enophone, including shipping batch 3!

March update

A quick update about our progress towards shipping our next batch!

February update

Our latest batch is out, and we’re working on our next!

2020 year end

Our progress update to close out 2020 - experiments we've been running, and next steps for the Enowork app!

November update

Schedule updates, and the latest feedback on our app!

October update #2

Updates and the schedule for our next batch!

Neuralink, Eno, and the Future of Neurotech
“In the future you’ll be able to save and replay memories” “Just by thinking, you can type and control a...
October update

Updates on our beta tester feedback, our next batch of units, and important details about shipping!

Wearables – The secret to forming better work habits
We live in an age where technology-induced work habits dominate our lives.  They’re present from the moment we wake up....
Can Neurotech Help Us Learn How to Be More Productive?
A quote often attributed to Einstein (as many of them seem to be), offers insight into solving the old question...
enosound demo

A demo of our enosound focus music engine!

Schedule Tetris, and the importance of time
If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ve experienced this scenario:  You’re working on an important task, and it’s going...
Why task-planners won’t help you work effectively from home
Of all the stories that can be told about working from home, the most powerful one is revealed   from...
enophone demo

A demo of our new enophones!.

June Update

Our product development update for June 2020.

Everything you need to know about our EEG electrodes
More than just a headphone, enophone offers something unique: EEG neurotechnology.  As with any new technology, there are questions that...
Deep work – the basis of fulfilling work
Across many fields, the most successful teachers often embody a unique synergy of skills: breadth of third-party experience, depth of...
An endless list of distractions – the bane of creativity
Before starting eno, I spent two years researching the psychology of productivity. My goal was to better understand habits and...
Focusing difficulty – the problem of the 21st century
Picture a day in the office. You get in, grab your coffee, and get ready to do some serious work. Then...
April Update

Our product development update for April 2020.

March Update

Our product development update for March 2020.

February Update

Our product development update for February 2020.

2019 year end update

Our product development update for year end 2019.

November Update

Our product development update for November 2019.

October Update

Our product development update for October 2019.

Backer update

A backer update, to answer some FAQs.

Productivity & the Brain

Believe it or not, your brain is making you unproductive. 

The Pomodoro Technique

How a tomato inspired a new way to work. 

A History of Modern EEG

Learn the history of EEG technology and it's bright future.