Our ethos

With the right focus, we believe that human potential is limitless.

What we do

Neurotechnology devices & services that help people rise above distraction.

Our goal is to help people improve their focus, develop positive work habits, and unlock their true potential.

Founded 2016 in Montréal

Our story

We founded eno to make focused productivity easier.

before eno, we spent several years researching the cognitive psychology of productivity. What we found was astounding: 1 in 3 knowledge workers say staying focused is their #1 issue at work. We intend to change that.


Co-Founder & CEO

Jacob Flood

McGill engineer turned entrepreneur, Jacob believes that that key to success is the combination of limitless passion and relentless focus – when the two come together, it’s inspiring to see. Jacob was also a professional STEM tutor and author of Study Smart.


Co-Founder & CTO

David Doyon

After working Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering, David reconnected with his childhood passion for the brain. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to found Eno where he set out to apply his technical and creative skills to developing the next generation of brain-computer interfaces.

Jeffery Potvin

CEO, Hardboot

Duncan Turner

Managing Director, HAX

Isaac Souweine

Partner, Real Ventures

Dr. Antony Passaro

Neuroscientist, Deloitte

Dr. Mahnaz Arvaneh

Assistant Professor, University of Sheffield

Dr. Ian Robertson

Professor, Trinity Collge Dublin

Steven Sun

President, Pioneer Onkyo Asia

Michael Turri

Founder, fortyforty labs

Kevin Sutherland

Founder, fortyforty labs

Expert Guidance

Our strategic advisors help us deliver premium-quality products.





Our partners

The organizations that help make the eno experience possible

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